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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by AfricanCracker, Jun 8, 2006.

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    ok, i am alittle bit confused on what is going on with davis... how is he not healthy after the offseason? did he have surgery? i am just curious, because it always seems as if dd is resting one of his knees. what about our safety corps?? i am concerned with cc, and glenn earl tryin to hold it down.. but, if we can get to the qb it wont be an issue, cause as everybody knows, a great dline makes a team's secondary like 5 times better.. it appears that we have great depth at the positions of: dline, linebacker, WR,... and poor depth at: CB, safety, RB. i think this is a great work in progress.. we just have to trade a LB or DL for a decent RB and/or CB.. but otherwise, dd is my main concern, if he can stay healthy, our offense will be able to hang... i love the rick smith hire.. ole owner mcnair is finally getting his ***** together.. now, all they have to do is hire me for a top executive position, and we'll be all set.. :yahoo:
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    Welcome to the MB.

    You would get more responses if you would look around and post your ideas in the topical threads as part of the discussion. Then you can become part of the discussion on each subject.

    DD had a scope on his knee. They are according to various sources/guesses--(1) worried about the lack of progress, (2) taking it easy to be safe or (3) sandbagging the league. In short, no real answer.

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