Inability to Run the Ball?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by RagingBull, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Just got done looking at some stats and noted something interesting.

    New York Jets Run Defense:
    Game 1: Houston Texans
    Net Yards Rushing: 38
    Average per attempt: 2.9
    Steve Slaton: 9 attempts for 17 yards Long of 7 1.9 YPC
    Chris Brown: 3 attempts for 15 yards Long of 11 5 YPC

    Game 2: Patriots
    Net Yards Rushing: 83
    Average per attempt: 4.2
    Fred Taylor: 8 attempts for 46 yards Long of 13 5.9 YPC
    Lawrence Mulroney: 6 attempts for 23 yards long of 12 3.9 YPC

    Tennessee Titans Run Defense:
    Game 1: Pittsburgh Steelers
    Net yards rushing: 36
    Average per attempt: 1.6
    Willie Parker: 13 attempts for 19 yards Long of 8 1.4 YPC
    M. Moore: 5 attempts for 8 yards long of 4 yards 1.6 YPC
    R. Mendenhall: 4 attempts for 6 yards long of 3 1.5 YPC

    Game 3: Texans
    Net Yards Rushing: 63
    Average per attempts: 2.2
    Slaton: 17 attempts for 34 yards Long of 12 2.0 YPC
    C. Brown: 8 attempts for 24 yards Long of 12 3.0 YPC

    Looking at this and comparing ourselves to the Pats and Steelers, I don't think we have to totally worry about our running game just yet.

    Slaton and Brown are the leading rushers against the Tits!

    Obviously, the Jets have to respect the pass a little more from the Pats/Brady than Schaub when he could never get the air game going, allowing the Pats to run a bit better.

    I expect Slaton/Brown to have breakout games this week!
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    Thanks for the silver lining. I agree we did play some good rush defenses, and when you consider that Pittsburgh was at home, in a close game and I believe their QB ran for some yards too it emphasizes your point.

    If we want to be a playoff contender we have to do better than what we have still. In November and December, the teams that go to the playoffs are the teams that can still run the ball well.

    Also, Steve Slaton ran for over 100 yards against Tenn twice last year and was the only back to even run for 100 against them. Why did that change this time?
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    I think the reason is multi-factorial.

    1) I think teams are aware of him now and deem him as a threat and are game planning for him. Rex Ryan said as much.

    2) O-line is not blocking as well. (Reason?) I would have to say that the line that played in the first game was not the one that trained in camp together plus a couple of guys nursing injuries (Pitts, Myers)

    3) Steve is not running as well. Maybe a lot of things. My guess is that he a) might have gotten a bit cocky b) didn't play much in preseason c) put on some weight that he doesn't carry well c) lost some confidence when he didn't initially have success this season d) is having a sophomore slump.

    I really think he will turn it around though, hopefully this week. If I had to choose, (c) is probably the most important. He just needs one breakout game and I bet he comes close to being the old Speed Slaton.

    I think he will naturally lose the weight as the season progresses. It is hard to keep on when you are playing ball.

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