In NFL, mock drafts not mocked by all

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    Turns out that a few organizations actually admit to reading mock drafts, although maybe not yours.

    Former Bills general manager Tom Donahoe came clean with his enjoyment of mock drafts Wednesday afternoon and said they could actually be helpful.

    "Whether teams admit it or not, they're looking at them," he said. "If you keep seeing a guy in the first round who you don't have there, it's probably a good idea to take another look at him."

    For the record, Donahoe said Bob McGinn (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), Rick Gosselin (Dallas Morning News) and Mel Kiper (ESPN) provide the best mock drafts.

    "Mel does so many, he's gotta be right on something," Donahoe joked.

    Most teams are "reading" certain positions this week. It's a process in which position coaches and coordinators add their analysis to the exhaustive evaluations that scouts have spent up to two or three years producing.

    A few organizations won't allow coaches to see their draft board until next Saturday because there's a fear of them talking to friends on other staffs. Some scouts believe those conversations are the reason teams end up reaching for certain players, and it seems to happen most frequently in the late second or third rounds.
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    Never heard of Mcginn. If someone finds his mock draft, can you please post it.

    Nice to see they are coming clean. :user:
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    You have to signup to be a Packer insider to get most of McGinn's stuff.

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