I'm sorry I wasted the league's best WR and the league's best RB..

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Carr Bombed, Dec 3, 2010.

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    "It's on me." There I owned it, now F off.


    It's on me, there I said it again, now STFU with all these negative posts. I mean doesn't that suffice you!......I freaking said IT'S ON ME.......what else do you need! Was 5 years of losing not enough.....I SAID IT WAS ALL ON ME!....

    Now give me another chance Bob, because I'm obviously not as bad as Capers and my prolific offense puts up great "stats". You do care about "stats" don't you Bob? I mean don't "stats" sell tickets and win ball games? It's obvious that stats win ball games....don't you see my record against winning teams? umm, nevermind that, well atleast it sells tickets. yack.

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