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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Ryan, Sep 27, 2009.

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    on sunday afternoons instead of watching this crap team. Or at least I should. But i know by next week i'll still be glued to my seat like a damn fool thinking they can win(and probably will since it is Oakland). If our defense would have played even slightly mediocre today we could have won. I don't have many complaints on the offensive side except for not finding your best playmaker(AJ) and Chris Brown being a complete moron.

    Kubiak/Shanahan-Kubiak was responsible for not making the team ready, and i don't know who to blame for the 2nd half playcalling
    Bush-you can't be a semi aggressive defense with this personell we have
    BENNETT-do i really need an explanation? Might as well have thrown a Jags jersey on his back today.
    Busing-dude is a scrub and depth AT BEST.
    Okoye-I was reluctant to label him a bust for a long time, now I am with the believers.
    C. Brown-Slaton should have been on the field, dude is an injury prone scrub.
    Shaun Cody-has no business being on the field at all, especially over DelJuan.

    We are still miles away from being a good/elite team. Mario is the only guy we have on the line, and has been getting zero help from anybody in the pass rush. We have a good LB corps, but Cushing, despite playing pretty well overall, has made some crucial rookie mistakes. I think our secondary will receive a huge boost from getting Jacque Reeves back. Eugene Wilson is alright, he is our best safety, but we need a true ballhawk back there that at least knows what he is doing.

    We need a defensive minded head coach that can light a spark under this team and bring the very best out of the personell we have. He can make a direct impact on the overall team, and start winning immediately. Then we can gradually fill the missing pieces to the puzzle and become an elite team. I just don't see the Texans hitting that level at any point under Kubiak. Kubiak has been a huge improvement over Capers, and he at least has brought our team to the point that the opposition has to at least gameplan to beat us. His achilles heel is he cannot get the team prepared from week to week and consistently win at anything. He will look like a genius one week, and a fool the next. We need a guy that can come in here and hire a staff around him that are already proven winners, not just friends.

    Until that day comes my friends, we will all be doing alot of excess drinking and suffering excess heartache over our favorite team. We are lifetime Texans fans, FOLs.
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    Screw that... I'm going to keep watching simply because its the only excuse I have to keep getting **** faced.
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