I'm Back. Recap of off-season/Schaub situation

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Mar 21, 2007.

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    I have returned to the boards after a little time away as I typically take during the offseason.

    Our Houston Texans have had a pretty solid offseason so far, and the draft is yet to arrive.

    I think our offseason to this point has been pretty solid. A big move was receiving Ahman Green from the Green Bay Packers. I think this is in question however, giving Green's injury status the last couple years and our plethora of running backs. I really did not anticipate us to go after a RB this offseason. We have Ron Dayne, Wali Lundy, Domanick Davis, Samkon Gado and the young Chirs Taylor. I felt this was more than enough to go around however the front office did not think so obviously.

    I still look for Ahman Green to be very productive for us and a key asset in the future.

    We re-signed ND Kalu and Ephriam Salaam. ND Kalu is a solid veteran as is Salaam, however the same question arrises: injury status, espically with Salaam. Granted, he busted his behind for us last season playing, but he was very banged up. We dotn want him nor can we afford to really have him go through this again this year. However, if both stay healthy it is a great move.

    Like Coach Kubes said at the last press-conference of the regular season I believe it was, they were not going to plan on injuries this year or take that into consideration when re-siging or signing players.

    Two more key re-signings this offseason were Chad Stanley and Andre Johnson.

    Chad Stanley I second guess. He struggled towards the second half of last season, and he's getting up their in his career and made me wonder if his day's just behind him and he cant get it done like he used to. I was shocked to see he was re-signed.

    Andre Johnson and a great re-signing. He's certaintly one of the best, if not the best, on our young Houston Texans football team. We want to have him for a long, long time and this was certainly a step in the right direction.

    Now onto key losses. Eric Moulds likely the biggest. We also let Zach Weigert and Seth Payne go.

    Eric Moulds was a good, solid veteran on this squad in which a young team like us really needs. Never underestimate the importance of leadership on a young team. Remember 3 offseasons ago after our 7-9 season when we went and released Aaron Glenn and Jamie Sharper, two veterans, and then look at what happend. Nto saying that will happen again, but loosing Eric Moulds is a loss in my mind. He also really opened up alot for Andre to really help him get to the Pro-Bowl.

    After we release Moulds, we go after another veteran WR with Ashley Leliee, but fail to land him. I was also dissapointed when we failed to get Lelie because when you release a player like Moulds you should be pretty confident you will get another solid vet at that pos. I still look for us to go after a vet at the WR position this offseason, but times awastin.

    In terms of Zach Weigert and Seth Payne, both had injury problems with us and were really aging, and our defense showed it could play without Payne at times and the offensive line rotation showed it could certainly do some good things without Weigert, so we wish these men the best in the future, but these relases are more reasonable in my mind.

    Now onto the latest, happening today, the big trade for Falcons QB Matt Schaub.

    We traded down to picks to no. 10 for him, gave up a second round pick both this year and next year. This is a pretty significant amount to give up.

    I always did kinda like Matt Schaub. I think hes a good young Quaterback that has not had a chance to shine behind Micheal Vick. I have not done great research on him just yet, but I do think he is a good, young QB. One thing that worries me is his lack of playing time, but he should make up for this. He is entering his 4th year so he's not really young.

    Now, David Carr. He is entering his 6th season. He had a bumpy ride the last two seasons, but the whole team played poorly when we went 2-14, and I think he deserves more time in this new offense Kubiak has implented. He did some bad, bad things in his first year with Kubiak's system but also did some good things. I still make the argument he's a good player, a holy man, a family man and is destined for success in this leauge. I think he deserves atleast another year in Kubiak's system. It takes time in a new offensive system.

    We do not know for 100% fact who the starter day 1 will be. A QB competetion in training camp is a possibillity.

    We did not really show signs of wanting to get rid of Carr this offseason until thi point. We didnt really go after Plummer, and he was traded to TB and later retired.

    I'm still going to support David Carr. H'es been with us for ever, has been my fav. player since day 1, and we wish him the best with our team as long as he is still on it.

    Very interesting situation now to say the least with Matt Schaub coming aboard.

    This will make for an interesting draft.

    Now that I have established my return by recaping this offseason to this point, furure posts by me should follow. It has been fairly eventful thus far, but like I said, overall, a pretty good offseason however a few questionable moves.

    I do not want to forget about us naming Mike Sherman offensive coordinator neither. I think this was a great steal, no team took Sherman and we were obviously extremely fortuante to promote him after Calhoun departed for Air Force.

    Gary Kubiak now with experience under his belt entering his second year, next to Mike Sherman our o-coordinator. This could be fun, and I am very excited about this.

    Comments are welcome for this post.

    Go Texans
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    That doesn't matter in football. Im sorry, it doesn't. God doesn't bet the spread, and jesus doesn't line up at tailback. sports are about people. The thing is, you don't trade 2 2nd's for a qb and then have a competition. Matt is our starter, David is trade fodder....you just can't roster them both. Its bad football, its bad financial, and its bad common sense. He doesn't get another year buddy.

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