If we're going to lose, we could at least lose with our best player on the field...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by phan1, Nov 22, 2004.

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    One thing I want to say is that we are a team based on the performance of David Carr. That's a huge thing to ask of a 3rd year QB. Other teams that are based on the performances of their QBs would have to be the Titans, Vickings, Indy, Rams, Packers, and maybe Eagles. That's a lot of teams with quality QBs. In fact, we are probably the one team in the NFL where the QB literally has to do everything for us!!! Every other team at least has a running game! Right now, we are definitely an OFFENSIVE TEAM, and a team w/o a running game no less. Even if we aren't scoring points, we need to at least get positive yards so that we can win the battle of field position, as our D really needs the whole length of the field to stop people. Rarely do I see our defense go 3&out.

    I've never been one of those "let Carr throw the ball every down" type of guy, but when the game is shifting momentum, and you desperately need to move the ball, LET CARR LOOSE! If Carr loses the game for us, so be it! You've got to go for your best option, and the best option for us is Carr. So when the game is tight and you need something to happen, just let Carr go out and throw the darn football. Looking at the game, you've got to know that there was a possability that we probably weren't going to get another possetion, so just let Carr play! I don't think we should just give up on the run, as we do need the play-action. But it's a totally different story when Favre is getting his game on and we're starting to let the game slip away. If we are a team based on the performance of David Carr, than let Carr perform for heaven's sake! It was just sad how we lost without our best player being able to go out and give it his all that day. :(
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    3rd and 3 with two minutes to go in a tie game. Carr gets flushed to the right, looks downfield, and, and, and, throws the ball to the Packers bench to avoid being hit! Excuse me. I would like to see the team's "best player" make a move, make a play, lower a shoulder, do something to try to get that first down, keep possession, maybe win!
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    Endzoner.....I have to agree with you on that statement. That was in my opinion, a bad choice by Carr...We needed that first down and throwing the ball away was not an option...IMO.

    However, I also have say that was the ONLY major bad decision I thought Carr made during the whole game. I thought he looked sharp in every aspect of his game...He would have had so many more yards if our receivers hadn't dropped so many balls ie Bradford, Brunner, Johnson

    Again, this is just my opinion...

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