If we draft well like last 2..

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by badboy, Mar 20, 2009.

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    this could be last draft we have to fill holes. We seem to be rounding into the team most of us thought we could be. Of course we still need better players at some positions, but we should be drafting for depth soon. Our FA acquistions(other than our own) are dropping which is a good sign imo. We sign Orlo only because Sage was traded. We have a good set of WR and the Oline should be much better with or without a high pick this year. QB should be sound and a solid RB or two in draft should set up that position for long time. I like our CBs and can live with DBs and the latter could be improved this draft. Even if we draft a starter or two in 2010, the guy he replaces will probably become quality depth. My view of the LBs is more optimistic than some, but if Diles and Adibi come out banging as I predict, we'll be fine. I like Bentley at back up and Chaun T. may be even better this season.

    I want to see the coaching staff really make some progress with our guys and using the player's strength(s) rather than forcing player into what coach wants. Example Okoye.

    Just musing until draft day.

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