If Texans go D after trade down.

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by The Preacher, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Just wondering since I'd like to think about a possible defensive pick with our #1 after a move lower to the 4-9 range what might those of you who think about these things think. If the new coach thinks Pitts will do and the backfield is in decent shape then this could easily happen. Would Mario be the guy who sets a new tone or is Hawk, Hali, Williams, Ngata, etc. your choice. This assumes a move back to the 4-3. Personally Mario would be fun to watch but Hali might make sense too since the Colts figure to have home field for a while and he could do well on that surface ala Dwight.

    Throw in your 2nd round defender of choice if you want since we will gain an extra 36-42 pick in this scenario. Jason Allen for me if he falls due to injury. Probably unlikely but maybe he's there at #33.
  2. asteroidblues

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    Mar 22, 2005
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    The Texans have more concern with the O-line. There's no way they can compete if they have to keep scraping Carr off the turf.
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    If we trade down to the #4 (very likely to happen with the Jets), and we go defense, it had better be to grab Mario Williams. I have absolutely no problem drafting Mario at #4 if he puts up a decent combine/workout, if he puts up Julius Peppers-like numbers I wouldn't even have a problem with us taking him at #1 or lessening the required trade to move down to #4. I don't think you draft a LB at #4 unless they are very special, and I don't see Hawk or any of the rest of them being that special. If LaVar Arrington (last LB to go in top 9 at #2) was available, I'd be open for it, but no one in the draft is like him, plus I don't know how well a 1st round LB will fit with Greenwood and Wong's contracts. I wouldn't be overly opposed to getting a CB in the 4-7 range if one of them really steps up and impresses me in the combine/workouts.
  4. YoungTexanFan

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    The defensive players I would take in the first: Mario, Ahmad Brooks, Ngata, Kiwi...in that order.
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    I like this. Trade down to get the Jets 2nd this year and a 1st next year. Take Williams to be our rush end in the 4-3 and still have 4 other picks out of the top 66 this year plus an extra 1st next year.:redtowel:
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    I haven't seen Hawk, but I have been advised that he doesn't look as good as his rep would indicate. Defensive linemen in the top 5 have been flops more than any other position (except qb of course), so I would be hesitant to look at DL that high - of course, hesitancy can be erased by talent. OL taken in the top 6 picks has a history of excellence. Lately, CBs taken high have been worthwhile - even Casserly got that one right.

    So, if we went D, I would look at JWilliams after the top 4 of bush/leinert/vy/Ferguson, unless MW or Hawk convinces me otherwise.
    I think Ngato will be a stud NT and is worthy of going in the 8-10 range for a 3-4 team (personally I like short big NTs that you get cheap - so I think spending 1st round money on a NT is a luxury, but a good one makes your run defense much better).

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