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    Everybody has an idea of what the Texans should do in the offseason and what they should not do. To become the winner everyone is calling for, GM Smith is gonna have to make some difficult calls this offseason and these will continue to unfold with time...right now the only quarterback that i would want from college is Colt Brennan from Hawaii and unless he has a brain fart he will stay at Hawaii one more season and up his stock in the Draft next year. Right now, he is expected as a third/fourth round choice which would be great for us now but not for him. His arm strength is great, but his accuracy and footwork still need some fine tuning. the kid threw 58 touchdowns this year with unfortunatly 26 sacks. Now in college 26 sacks are high...equivalent to double that number in the pros. If we drafted him he would sit behind carr not getting the plays necessary to help him grow...and yes Carr will be back next year, it hurts us too much financially to get rid of him this year instead of next. So look for Carr to start in 2007 and Brennan to be our first selection in next years draft.

    Addressing the running back situation, Taylor, Lundy, Dayne, and Williams/Davis or whatever he is called should be enough talent to mount an effective rushing attack next year. I wouldn't mind bringing in Turner from San Diego for the right price but his restricted status is gonna be difficult to work around.

    If they bring Jameel Cook back to lead us in costly fumbles to lose games then somebody will need shot. I like what Vonta Leach did against Indy and Cleveland, and i think with increased playing time could become a roadgrader back like Lorenzo Neal in San Diego is. Good things should be coming from this kid...

    Johnson is back to being Johnson, Moulds took the pressure away like we wanted him too, Anderson has promise, and Walter continued to clutch like he was in cincy. Mathis may need to be let go unless he can come back next year healthy, if that happens our speacial teams will be explosive again next season. In the draft we need to look at finding a WR in the middle round to emerge as Moulds replacement the season after next as i am expecting him to begin to comtemplate retirement at the end of next year.

    Daniels looks amazing...another BIG TEN stud, Bruener should get released and Putzier may be offseason trade material to bring in much need extra draft choices in the 07 draft.

    Spencer may be back to normal or he may not, i dunno yet it will only come with time, but the fact Kubiak is worried about it now doesn't look good at all. Salaam looked great as a fill in, i expect him and weary to return next season and compete for starting jobs. Flanagan and McKinney need to be released and Winston looks to be a plauseable fit as a guard. Maybe a center in late round two from Arizona State(possibly as a trade result for lowering our selves in the draft). We are beginning to peice a line together, a little addition to the depth chart would be great.

    Peek was effective rushing the passer this season, i would hope we resign him for maybe three years. Babins contract is gonna keep him here for a while, Kalu is too old, and Weaver needs to be moved inside with Maddox, Payne, and maybe Quinn Pitcock from Ohio State. Mario will get healthy and progress and be a better force next year once he learns to get lower and drive the lineman back onto their heels.

    Ryans is a stud, Greenwood played well, Anderson and ORR would be good depth players. If we don't take Pitcock in round one Patrick Willis would be an excellent fit into our linebacking core, if we draft Pitcock look for Alexander to be grabbed up with the 41st then.

    Robinson is a sure thing, Faggins gets burned too easily in the starting role but is effective in his nickel role and on corner blitzes. We need two DBs to help complete our secondary. Daymeion Hughes and Roderick Rogers names have been thrown around, but we will only have 3 or 4 picks on the first day and prolly only 4 on the second day, so i won't expect to see thier names called with a Houston selection unless one of them falls to round three or later. Both Samuels and Clements are gonna be resigned this offseason, we might be able to pick up Roderick Hood who is expected to be released by the eagles he has had good numbers and looks adaquate for secondary needs.

    Safety we need some help at. Glenn Earl has been solid but CC Brown might be better suited as SS then Earl is look for these two to compete for one starting spot in training camp.

    Kris Brown looks to have earned his job back with the boot agaisnt Indy for the win. Chad Stanley will be replaced. I wouldn't mind seeing Matt Lasher from Ohio University as an undrafted free agent in camp as a punter, he has a powerful foot and could earn a spot on the team.
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    I am interested in what receiver we go after this year.

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