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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by dsorc, Nov 24, 2008.

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    As the tittle suggest, here's my ideal offseason. Feel free to comment or add your own.

    DE Suggs - Unlikely to be re-franchised after last year's de/lb debacle. I think we have enough cash to throw at him and he clearly would be worth it.

    CB Gamble - Carolina will probably prioritize Peppers and Gross over Gamble making him available. If we can sneak in while the rest of the market is focused on Scrabble we might be able to get him at a nice price.

    SS Dawkins - He's getting up there in age so Philly might let him go. He'd be a clear upgrade and a great leader.

    Ferguson (if he agrees to be a backup but could be cut during TC)
    OD (I believe he's a RFA)

    Not signed or released:
    Zgonina (retires)
    Bruener (retires)
    Salaam (retires)
    Sage (I think he's a FA)

    1. Curry OLB - Natural SLB that helps in both the run game and coverage
    2. BJ Raji NT - At 325, he's actually playing UT in BC after playing NT for a couple of season. Quick for a big guy.
    3. Shonn Greene or Rashad Jennings RB - Both guys weigh in the 230 range (Oops, 230 not 320). Bruising RBs with good college stats that will be able to be the thinder to Slaton's lightning.
    4. Max Unger C/G (or another C/G) - Push Myers and Brisiel
    5-7 Depth - Probably a QB, P, and TE in some order

    Depth Chart:
    RDE Suggs Bulman
    NT Raji Okam
    UT Okoye T.Johnson DelJuan
    LDE Mario Cochran

    WLB Diles Adibi
    MLB Demeco Bentley
    SLB Curry C. Thompson

    CB Dunta Molden/Reeves
    FS Wilson Demps Molden/Reeves
    SS Dawkins Ferguson Harrison/Barber
    CB Gamble Bennet

    WR AJ ADavis
    LT Brown Butler
    LG Pitts C. White
    C Myers Unger
    RG Brisiel Unger
    RT Winston Butler
    TE Daniels Dreesen rookie
    WR Walter Anderson/Jones

    QB Schaub rookie/vet FA
    RB Slaton Ahman Greene
    FB Leach Cook

    K Brown
    P Rookie
    LS Dreesen Bulman
    KR Davis
    PR Jones

    As far as I know, we have plenty of money available this upcoming season. Given the state of our defense it makes perfect sense to use that money to fix some hole there. I think Gamble and Dawkins will fix most if not all of our secondary problems while providing veteran leadership. Also with the addition of Gamble that pushes Molden and Reeves into a fight for the Dime which will lead the loser into a transition to FS if he wants to get reps. Add in Suggs and now you have a scary pass rush. I also believe that once Smith is fired we'll go back to a more normal line instead of lining up two UTs 90% of the time. We'll still rotate the DTs but we'll see more NT and we might even see a 2 NT formation for short yardage situations.

    The offense is for the most part set though I wouldn't be surprised if we looked at OL in free agency. I think Ahman will still see carries when healthy though we'll get somebody else to chip in and step in when he's hurt. Maybe I trust Schaub too much but I don't see us doing much with our QB situation. If Sage, playing as bad as he is right now, can make this offense pile up yards then any scrap heap QB should be fine back there, specially if the running game improves.

    As for the draft. Since DE and DB were taken care of the draft becomes a BPA scenario. I love Curry and think he would be a perfect fit at SAM. Diles did great this year but he's more of a WILL and would probably get to blitz more from that side. Raji is a big mobile NT and with us needing actual NTs now that Smith is gone he makes sense. He'd fight for reps with Okam and whoever did best would get the reps. After that is just a matter of finding a thumper RB to complement Slaton and depth. Turk is losing effectivenes so we probably can get a P late or even as an undrafted FA and either push him or replace him.

    I counted 49 players so there's 4 slots of wiggle room. Probably a third QB and more OL depth but after that I'm not sure. Now rip it apart.
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    There are a ton of LBs that grade over Curry IMO (Rey, Spikes, Cushing). I think Terrence Cody is a can't miss pick at the top however
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    Over here.
    Well, lets see:

    I win the lottery, grow 3 inches taller, marry Jessica Alba or somebody like that....oh, you mean the team?
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    Rey and Spikes are both MLB and I don't think we'd be moving Demeco to the outside anytime soon. Then both Cushing and Rey are vastly overrated by the average fan and right now are picked lower in most draft sites. Rey and Cushing are incredible athletes but it just doesn't translate into the field at times. They can make some highlight reel plays but then look horrible on the next play, whether it be not shedding blocks or overrunning the play. Curry has been very productive in Wake Forest in terms of tackles, TFL, sacks and ints. Coming from Wake he's very disciplined and plays both the run and the pass equally well. If you watch a Wake game he's always around the ball and he's a heck of a hitter.
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    As for your FA's I like the Suggs and Gamble picks but not Dawkins, he's old and slow and not worth free agent money any more. I read some of the Philly football boards and the Philly fans say the same thing, old and slow, thus the reason Philly isn't trying to resign him.

    As for your Not signed or released list, add Andre Davis to that list. He makes way to much money to be a kick returner and can't make it into the starters at WR. He's one of the highest paid players on the team and Jacoby Jones can return kicks just as well as Davis and for alot less money. I'd also add Ahman Green to that list especially if we get one of the big RB's to complete our thunder and lightning package.

    As for your draft, I like it but the RB's are in the 230 lbs. range not 320 lbs. range. I know it was just a typo. I don't think Max Unger will be there in the 4th round though, he'll probably go in the 2nd or early 3rd. I agree with picking a Punter in the 7th round. turk makes too much money for a punter and is a place that we can save some bucks. The 5th and 6th picks I think should be depth at OL and Safety.

    As for the LB discussion Curry is a great LB and will be a great pro at the strongside LB, he's the real deal. Someone is going to be really happy they drafted him. Maualuga and Spikes are good LB's in the middle but Cushings is way overrated and slow. Any team that drafts him high will wind up with a bust. I think Cushing will be a career backup LB.
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    Then youre opinion is not the same as the majority. Curry is the top rated OLB in this class.
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    well I posted a couple of weeks ago that the o-line would start moving up the boards....the draft gurus are starting to catch on. this is a very deep o-line class. snooze and you loose. I wouldn't be shocked at all if Carolina selects the OT/OG, Jamon Meredith, 6-4, 300, South Carolina. The gurus are still jamming the Qbs in the top five...we'll see.

    You post Suggs and I see Weaver and Smith, sorry. How many times do we stick our wet finger in the wall socket befor we figure it out ? I'll pass. got 'em every shape and size on the board...pick one and draft him.

    Ferguson from New Mexico is a big back. Very productive and can catch the football. Saw the kid from central Michigan make a spectacular catch tonight.
    25....there are a lot of backs on the board.

    I like Erick Wood of Lousville for a center in the fourth. He wears knee braces...that scares me. He's quick though and a Mauler. You'd hope Kubiak doesn't bow his neck up with Myers. If he digs n with Myers he'll go down with him. They gotta change something in the middle.
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    I like Curry alot. Would love if he gets drafted. On your depth chart, Id have Adibi over Diles. He just makes our D look alot better when he is out there. Diles is good depth to have. Suggs maybe. Im not totally sure. Id like my RB around the 4-5 range. We just need a guy to get 6-9 carries out of him, no more. Id take a QB in the 3rd over RB. OLB 1st, NT 2nd, QB/DE 3rd, QB/RB 4th, then BPA the rest.
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    I think Greene and Jennings will both be gone by the time we get into the later rounds. Call me crazy but if we are going to try and groom a QB to back up Matt I would like to have Bomar. I'm not a Sooner fan and I didnt go to Sam, but i like the kid and he has had great numbers and seems to be a lot like Flacco in that they moved from 1-A to 1-AA.

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