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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansFan4EvR, Jun 18, 2006.

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    What if the Texans didnt pick up David's contract extension. What teams do you think would have looked at him, maybe the Ravens, 49ers?, Dallas, etc. I mean the ravens could have picked him up, and Mcnair would still be a Titan. Also what qb's do you think we would have looked at ( Veteran QB's not Younge). This is just trying to help pass the time boys and gurls.:whip:
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    May 22, 2006
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    I believe our guys are working on a genetic hybrid clone of michael vick, dan marino, and joe montanna, he was suppose to start this year but he was asking for 22 million a year, so they figured Carr was our best bet.....
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    I doubt the 49ers would have looked at him with Alex Smith on the roster, if anything they wanted a veteran to help guide him, and they got one in Trent Dilfer. The Raiders were said to have a great deal of interest in Carr if we were to release him, otherwise the Ravens, Cowboys, Cardinals, Bills, Bears, Lions, Vikings, Saints, Dolphins, and Jets would have probably all had some level of interest in Carr if we had not resigned him. Most of these teams have since made some kind of move with their QBs.

    As for who we would have looked at, if we were not going to resign Carr then we likely would have drafted a new franchise QB (Cutler would probably have been the best fit for Kubiak's offense, we'll see how well he does in Denver in the coming years, although Vince probably would have gotten the nod unless we could have arranged a trade down). Outside of that, I'm sure we probably would have still gotten Rosenfels, and I really don't know what other veterans they would have gone after that fit the system very well. David Carr does fit the system well and that's why they kept him, and he's a young, talented player that they feel they can develop into the QB they need to be successful.
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    That situation would have really sucked. Not only would we have to draft a whole new QB, he would have to start next year.. just like Carr had to do. Then we would have had to make a tough choice of passing up the three most hyped players in the draft.... Bush, Young, and Leinart... just to get a QB who would fit Kubiaks style. We might have gotten decent trade offers, but still... that sucks.

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