I say trade with saints..

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Texanblitz2006, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Im a little greedy I guess but I say trade with the saints to get the no.2 pick ..like sending our number 2 pick this year, sign and trade CARR to them (tag em franshise) and offer them with next years number one for there next years number 2 ... we can use both hbs ... have DD as our back while we bounce BUSH all over in motion that will help out Johnson so much as defensive coor. yank out hairs left and right and watch one do a buddy ryan number punch on somebody on the sideline. gaffney would have a breakout year finally and not be so depressed like he was under those other coaches who used him like a salt shaker before a meal(once)and we can finally use a TE again(I was sad to see MILLER cut) not his fault... and what made a big impact at eyes point of view to me from day 1 this last year was that during the 1 preseason when we played DENVER ..they kept plummer and friends out for more then a half while capers ran one drive with the first team as if they were proven superbowl contenders.yeah right..that made me sick.we know now it was bad coaching.alot of players felt like the redheaded step child who never got to ride the pony cause it got to late while the favorites got 3-4 chances to ride.yep go for both if you can I say.:stirpot:
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    Why "Franchise Tag" a guy who's contract isn't up? :rolleyes:
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    Please lock this down, as this had to be about the 20th "Trade with the Saints for teh #2 pick" thread since last week.

    A note to noobs, there is this great little feature called "SEARCH". You can use it, and instead of creating a new thread about a topic, you can comment on teh saem topic in a created thread. WOW!
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    Not that I would oppose the idea if we could still land Bush, but why would the Saints or Titans consider trading up with us? The Saints and Titans are assured of either Leinart or Young - and I would think those are the players they are targeting. If they traded up with us, it would only be to grab Bush, which defeats the purpose of this proposed trade.

    I would think the only reasonable team we could trade with would be the Jets...

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