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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by drs23, Jul 9, 2010.

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    No more VIP Suite so back to the recliner
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    Very accurate. I think they should have had a slide dedicated to Antoine Caldwell. He'll need to step it up for our running game to get going like it did in 2008.

    I like the James Casey slide. Man that would be crazy good if he's on the field with OD and Andre Johnson. Lethal passing attack.
  3. rmartin65

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    Tate- Meh, my second favorite back in the draft. Should be a good player, but I am still a little miffed at the trade back. I am not interested in arguing it however. As a Texans fan, I am pulling for Tate.

    Winston- I think he is just about tapped out. Still young-ish, but I am not expecting any "break-out" performance from him. Just above average play.

    Schaub- This is a joke, right? Last year was his coming out party. Stud.

    Casey- I agree, loads of potential, this good be a big year for him.

    Holliday- Agreed. Fast, if used properly could be a game changer.

    Pollard- Again, I think last year was his breakout. I expect more of the same, maybe a little improvement with him being more comfortable in the system.

    Barwin- I agree here too. I am expecting close to double digit sacks here.

    Mitchell- I feel schizophrenic as it pertains to Mitchell. I get caught up with what I here from the board, and the coaches, but then I look at my notes from during the season and I sour on him. I am pulling for him, but I dont expect much.

    Jackson- Agreed

    Diles- Why not. I dont think he needs to breakout, he is already a very capable starter.
  4. badboy

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    I can offer a good position on either side. This season could go either way and also the players could perform well but still have so-so W- L record.

    RMartin65, tried to rep but could not. Good eval on your part.
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    It doensn't matter to me which player(s) come up with a break-out season.
    All I want is for the team to stay relative healthy as last year.
    We are a better team than last year.
    We were a young team overall, and we didn't lose hardly more talent than we acquired.
    The young guys should improve (as a group, and that includes Schaub.)

    We don't need double-digit sack number from Barwin.

    We just need the guys to continue to play as a cohesive units on offense, defense, and special team.

    Luck is always welcomed, but really, all I ask is our fair share, more or less, and we ought to be fine. No excuse!

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