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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by jayj0225, Mar 4, 2006.

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    we are not going to get any top level Free Agents after all we just finished with a 2-14 record. So therefore I have compilled a list of the FA's that would solve a lot of problems for us.

    First we need O-Line help and the Bentley's and Hutchinson's of the world want to win which is something we can't offer right now. Also getting big mashers is not something you need in a zone blocking scheme you need movement guys. You also want guys with time left in their careers not guys you have to replace in two years.
    So here my OL wants:
    Sean Mahan OG 6-3 301 25 years old UFA from the Bucs.
    Fits the mold of the Broncos OL. Espn says about him he has very good foot quickness and good running ability. Movement is more his game than power. He has a great first step and he takes good angles to his blocks. When he has an angle block he shows that he can get movement on the line of scrimmage. He shows that he is capable of pulling to lead the toss play and he does a good job of finding a moving target. perfect Zone scheme guy.
    Kevin Schaffer OT 6-5 290 26 years old UFA from the Falcons
    First he is already fimiliar with the system from Gibbs being a consultant. again this from ESPN:has good overall athletic ability, quickness and foot speed. He plays hard, has a good work ethic and plays with a bad attitude.
    Mike Pearson OT 6-7 297 25 years old UFA from the Jags
    First of he is being taken away from a division team so it is a plus. Second he is a movement guy in a offense that wants mashers. ESPN says He is a very good athlete and he has overall good movement skills. He has very good foot quickness and he has decent running ability. He takes a good quick first step and he takes good angles to his blocks. He does an excellent job with cut off blocks on the backside of plays and he shows up as a blocker downfield.
    With these moves moving Pitts inside to Guard and Hodgdon and Pitts to battle for center our OL is better and are together for a while.
    On to the Rest
    First we need another rec. and it looks as if we have identified him in Kevin Walter since I heard that Kubiak was going to be the coach I wanted a Mcaffrey type but Jurevicius is a pipe dream and Proehl is to old so bring on
    Kevin Walter WR 6-3 214 24 years old UFA from the Bengals
    ESPN says is a possession slot receiver who has excellent size and good overall speed.He has good hands, he catches the ball away from his body and he is a big target in the passing game. He is a good route runner who can find the open area in the zone. He is good on short to intermediate routes, he is not afraid to go over the middle and he has excellent concentration on the ball to make the hard catch. He uses his body to shield off defenders and in his a physical mismatch against smaller DB's. He will win most jump ball situations and he is an excellent red zone target.
    This would give us A WR corp of AJ, Mathis, Walter, Gaffney(assuming we resign him) and Armstrong or Starling.
    That's enough for now I'll do the defense later This will leave our needs as back-up RB or Reggie Bush, A TE that can take teams out of the Cover 2 and a #2 or 3 QB.
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    Straight Outta Austin
    I do not want to reach on any FA. I have no problem if we take FA's from the Broncos or Packers as long as we do not overspend. This year it is important that we entrench the system more so than worry about the playoffs. Bringing in guys who can provide leadership is paramount to future success.
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    I know the other thread about this guy doesn't say alot about him but based on the going over the middle stuff, I would like to give the kid a looksie. I do still think that Armstrong provides that kind of receiver still but he is an RFA so we gotta cover ourselves.
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    i must say this is not the first time i've heard that we should be interested in mahen...from the bucs...but in the draft there are two inside guys i think we should keep an eye on...chris kuper and rob sims these two guys look solid in their ability to pull
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    I like your potential list. I don't know much about free agent offensive linemen, so I'll take your word for it.

    As for free agent wide recievers, I do think we can make a bigger splash than Kevin Walter.

    Here are some names I would consider if I were Casserly and/or Kubiak:

    Peter Warrick
    Koren Robinson
    Ike Hilliard
    David Givens (guy I would most like to have)
    Antonio Bryant (just had a big year in Cleveland, probably too much money)
    Brandon Lloyd (I think he's a FA, probably wouldn't want to go from SF to here)
    Quincy Morgan
    Rod Gardner

    I would love to have Lloyd, Givens or Gardner the most though. New England didn't have one "stud" reciever during their run, but Givens was a very solid one. Lloyd has the potential as a #1 WR, but the offense in San Fran was worse than ours, which is why he had only 48 catches. Gardner has had some good years. He's young (only in the league 5 years) and I think he can ressurect himself.
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    Long ago when we were looking at AJ in the draft I liked Lloyd simply for his hands. He has had problems at SF and I think he has not sold his routes as well as they would like. I simply don't know, but he has excellent hands and some speed.

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