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    I'm sure a lot of you are hungover today.

    I was on a plane during the whole game and shut myself off from any updates, so after being up for 24 hours and being in the air for 16 hours I laid there and watched the Texans run all over the Colts.

    My point is the Texans were so up for the game yesterday and played at a high intensity level for a majority of the game (finally). Now we have to travel to the east coast to take on the Skins.

    The Skins had a close, emotional, rivalry game themselves so they may be a little tired as well, but they don't have to travel.

    We have been an up and down team from week-to-week and I am a little worried about this weekend's game. With little and big Shanny both having big ties with our coaching staff I think they will know the tendencies of our offense and we should know a little about theirs as well.

    Hopefully we aren't all still hungover next Sunday!

    Here is to not only FINISHING games, but being CONSISTENT!
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    And this is where coaching takes place. Kubiak has to keep calling out players (Matt Schaub) to perform well, he's got to make a visual demonstration that yesterday's game ends at start of next practice. He's got his team's attention now he needs to capitalize on it. All the preparation he put them through to win this game is what he needs to show them that they need to do to get after again for next week. He needs to bring up the fact that we never beat the Redskins and he needs to show where we can improve as a football team.

    He also needs to advise that we just took one step. The next step is to have a better road record and it starts with Washington.
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    I didn't drink a drop of anything alcohol, and I'm so hungover I can hardly move!!!!:) Wish I was going to DC with our "boys!!"

    I bet they will be fine and dandy!! Our boys were pumped up yesterday alright, but, they also got a taste of what it's like to be physical, and I hope they continue to follow that path. I've been waiting 8 yrs to see our team with a mean streak, and I think that team has arrived!!

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