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    April 13, 2006
    Charley's Farewell Draft?
    by Bob Hulsey

    Depending on what rumors you believe, this could be General Manager Charley Casserly's final draft with the Houston Texans. It could be that he'll jump to a position within the league offices or he might be let go as the turnover from the expansion era continues.
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    Apr 30, 2004
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    great read, although seeing some of it in print is very disheartening. like these bits...

    wand & babin have potential now with the new staff, but that drafting is a big reason why we're 2-14

    disappointing, but unavoidable. not many solid prospects are coming out outside of austin, although a few would be upgrades over current picks... derrick johnson (UT), dylan gandy (Tech), nathan vashar (UT), bo & matt schobel (TCU), roy williams (UT), marcus tubbs (UT), ty warren (A&M), sammy davis (A&M), bethel johnson (A&M), corey redding (UT), chris simms (UT), quentin jammer (UT), seth mckinney (A&M). that's just the first four rounds, in FOUR YEARS, and leaving out a couple guys who i dont think have played a single down. the talent pool just isnt what it should be.
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    Hey, you forgot Stanford Routt (Houston)......he was a second Rd selection by OAK!

    I think Rice had a DS/LS drafted in the 6th round!

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