How much are the fans really worth to the Texans?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Jrod7451, Dec 31, 2010.

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    About 5 dollars each for whoever goes to the final game of the year. In an article in the Chron, Jerome Solomon talks aboout how much we are really worth to them. Seriously Bob. You coudn't spend a little more on gifts for the fans. The Astros sucked last year and had one of the lower attendance records in all of baseball but atleast they gave out free bobble heads and tee-shirts atleast every two weeks.
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    Seesh. I already posted this in the other thread about Solomon's column. Why do you (and Solomon) say that less than 22 cents is "less than $5"? Wouldn't "less than a quarter" make the point better? If they spent $300,000, then say "less than $5". I don't actually think $300,000 would be that bad. From the other thread:

    He mocks the $15,000 in giveaways for "Fan Appreciation Day" as less than $5 per person of the 70,000 tickets sold. Well, OK. It's also less than $100 per person, or $1 million per person. $300,000 is "less than $5 per person" for 70,000 people. $15,000 is less than 25 cents per person.

    Jerome, hire a 2nd grader to help you with math next time.
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    The fans are plenty important to the Texans. We sell out every game. Fan Appreciation Day is a joke. After buying season tickets and PSL's, $500 beers, etc, who cares about a lousy burger coupon (if that is what is being given awy) that is probably not being subsidized by the Texans anyway? It's an advertising gimmick for BK, Whata, the clowns, etc. The only show of appreciation I want is some more wins, which we didn't even try to accomplish in this miserable season.

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