How long will it take before playoffs?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansFight, Sep 25, 2006.

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    Another disgusting game yesterday. I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed a home game. It has been more than 2 seasons. Maybe the Jacksonville or Minnesota game (which we lost btw).

    This team is so far off from being a contender that it is scary. Charley Casserly should hang his head in shame at the sight of this team. His handiwork led to a 2-14 season last year and it appears that this year this team will be lucky to get to 2 wins.

    Besides our punter, there is not ONE aspect of our team that is average or above-average. Maybe our WRs are average. Everything else is subpar when compared to other NFL teams.

    This team needs to fill so many holes that it will take at least another 5 years before we smell playoffs in my opinion. Even if Carr was the guy, we should trade him because he will be old before we become a playoff contender.

    The sad thing is that after last year's torture of a season we don't even have a ray of hope this year. Instead of knowing that our RB and/or QB position is set for the next 10 years with RB or VY and having the excitement of watching them peform we instead are stuck with Mario Williams who will replace Ryan Leaf as the biggest bust of all time. We suck and are even further behind than we should be.

    We are by far the worst team in the NFL.
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    With the money and time (plays) invested in Mario - so goes the Texans D. And then so goes the Texans team. Sorry Mario fans, but it is true. Don't point to other D players, no one hits the cap like Mario.

    Super Mario = Texans Good
    Sorryio = Texans Bad
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    I think most of us are feeling that way by now. Mario needs to step it up a bit. I heard the announcer on sunday say their was no presence shown by mario on the field, and I had to agree. The time for excuses is over, if Andre can put up 152, and two tight ends score, we should be able to put together a decent game. The problem is we can't break 100 yards rushing and proven by Sunday's performance, we can't stop ANYONE from scoring. I let it go the first two weeks with Philly and Indy, who can score all day long, it was expected, but to go out there and let the redskins score as many point as they had in the previous two games, and let Mark Brunell complete 22 in a row, setting a record. It has gone too far. Come on guys, give us something here.

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