How is ILB going to shake out?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by ny texan, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Apr 15, 2005
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    After Wong and Greenwood, How are the backup ILBs shaping up? I haven't seen them play, but I seem to hear all of their names from time to time from the game audio.

    Can someone please post what they've seen so far, and who they think is going to stick around.

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    Our backups at the ILB spots is going to be a tough decision. I imagine that Polk will be there since he is a very good special teams player, and he held his own in the time he saw at ILB last season. It seems to me that Evans and Chamberlin are battling for another spot. Evans has been with the team longer, and has plenty of experience in the system. He's also a good special teams player. Other than that there isn't a lot of difference between the two. The best way I can describe Evans and Chamberlin are that they look alot like Foreman but not quite as talented. Keep in mind that most of the time they're playing behind a DLine composed of 2nd and 3rd stringers so its harder to keep the big OLineman off of them, but they still tend to make a tackle 3 to 5 yards downfield. Very rarely do you see them make a tackle at the LOS. Neither of them is very good in coverage either. Evans may get the nod just because he's one of the better ST players on the team.
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    Greenwood has not impressed me at all. I have keyed in watching him on several occasions and just can't see it. I played linebacker for several years and know a little about the position. The LB position concerns me the most about out new "faster" defense. Foreman and Sharper made solid tackles, usually at the point of contact. I am not seeing that with the current linebacking crew. On another note, what the hell is Babin doing covering the receiver last night and getting burned terribly? Shouldn't have there been someone there to help? I saw a strong performance on the defensive side of the ball the first few possesions, but there is a big fall off on the second team.
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    Chamerlin has impressed me so far in the preseason. He has been one of the first ones down on ST, and he had some pretty good tackles on defense. He brings intensity. I think he is a hair better than Evans.

    I think Wong is going to be a good fit for MLB. We might actually see Wong become a presence out there. I thought he fought off blockers real well to make tackles. Didn't do a whole lot of looking at Greenwood. Defensive line seems to be playing alot better than it has since the inaugural season. I believe Peek's sack came from running inside the tackles but I like the fact that he had a strong game as did Babin before he got burnt.

    I don't believe the P Buch trade has upgraded at this point. Still looks like the same 31 giving up to much space in front of him and getting burned in the two minute drill.

    I think our D plays entirely too much zone. Receivers seem to find the areas they need to easily to get open. I hope this is just base defense for the pre season.

    I just wish the o and D could play a solid game together matching eachothers productivity in the same game.
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    well playing LB for several years is a little different than nfl starting experience that all of these guys have (babin and peek have limited experience). i think greenwood will work out for us pretty good. he has good range and speed which was the reason we brought him in. i think he is a sure tackler much like the rest of our starting LBs.

    i dont want to praise him too much because he still has work to do, but so does everyone else and he will be solid for us this season.

    as for babin covering the WR, that is going to happen depending on what defense you call, im sure they saw their package and decided not to go nickel for a reason - but i wouldnt no that since im not calling plays. it happens alot of times where LBs will be 1on1 with receivers.

    it is still hard to judge 2nd and 3rd team defense because of the dline. it all starts up front and if you cant get that sort of pressure on the qb it is like a chain reaction. your LBs are not as free and your corners have to cover longer letting your defense get picked apart.

    i just hope the coaching staff makes the right/best decisions when making the cuts. :texflag:

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