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    Barring any trade down, I used to be a DE fan with us taking Jamaal Anderson or Gaines Adams at #8, but I think I'm now officially on the AP wagon. The reason: say either of the above DEs have a monster season and get 10-11 sacks in the NFL. Compare that to our own DE: Babin got us 5 sacks last year; Peek an underachieving 1 sack and I believe Kalu 2 sacks. So, a 1st round DE may only get us say 3-4 more sacks than we're already getting. AP's impact would certainly be more than the equivalent of 3-4 sacks compared to the likes of Ron Dayne.

    So, I would go:

    1st Round: AP if available
    2nd Round: DB Hughes/Cal or Houston/Ark
    3rd Round: FS Merriweather (this could be a stretch but I read some posters saying he might fall to the 4th round)

    In FA: I would try to sign Cory Redding and Adalius Thomas. There's another thread in the Texans forum on salary cap, but I do believe we could sign both these players as well as all our draft picks and our own team's paultry FAs such as the all world Ron Dayne, Glenn Earl and Ephrem Salaam.

    This would give us:


    DL Babin/Kalu Weaver/T Johnson Redding/Maddux Williams
    LB Greenwood Ryans Thomas
    CB Houston or Hughes Robinson
    S Earl/Brown Merriweather


    OL Spencer Pitts Flanagan/McKinney Weary Winston
    WR Johnson Walters Moulds
    QB Carr
    FB Leach
    RB Petersen Dayne Taylor/Lundy

    In a word, that defense would be STOUT. I mean, on running downs, imagine: Williams Maddux Redding Weaver (that would be sick). There wouldnt be a single weakness: safety, dbs, lbs, DT would all be strengths. The only remaining weak link would be Babin at DE and I believe he could become a strength.

    On offense, AP could dominate a game more than Bush and more than any 1st round FS ever could. The weak link would be of course, the OL. 2008 is the draft for OL and we could get a franchise OLT 1st round, followed by say a sleeper DE in the 2nd round if Babin doesn't pan out, along with a 3rd round C, and dare I say, I believe the Texans are PLAYOFF BOUND in '08. Thoughts?

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