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    In the 2006 NFL Draft we picked up Charles Spencer and Eric Winston in the third round. When Charles Spencer was healthy, David Carr had a high QB passing rating. (I belive he led the NFL?) Do you think we can just keep Spencer and Winston along with Hogdon and not have to worry about drafting a first-round lineman? Their are teams like the Patriots who have only one first-round pick lineman starting while the rest are third or fourth-round picks.

    Also, how about adding Allan Branch or Leon Hall to the Texans defense?

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    With our OL, I think we look in free agency for that. Even if we don't sign anyone, I think we wait until the 3rd or 4th round to get one because you can get more quality out of OL in the later rounds than you can at other positions. And I think once Charles Spencer comes back next year our OL will look better.

    I think we've put enough stock into our DL with first round picks. Once we are healthy there I think we will have a solid line. Again, I like the idea of looking late and trying to get a steal late like the Bears did with Mark Anderson.

    I think to a point we need to go need, but I think by the time we pick the two best players on the board will be Leon Hall and Laron Landry. Either one is fine with me, and they both fill needs. I think we need to get one of these two and just that will improve our team (if we don't pick up any solid free agents). I think that after this week's win against the Colts getting Adrian Peterson will not happen, and our best bet is to get someone in the secondary.
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    I among with many others don't see hogdon as our future C. Flannigan and McKinney are getting old too. I would like to see us pick up one of the top centers this year in the 3rd maybe. Dan Mozes- West Virginia, Ryan Kalil- USC to name a couple. Let Sherman teach them while he's still here.
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    I agree that Winston and Spencer look like our long-term OTs, but I'm not sold on Hodgdon yet. I think Pitts is a good long-term OG and Weary could be a solid OG/C for the future, so I'd still be looking to add one starting interior OLineman, and then add some better depth on the line.

    As for defense, I have looked at both Branch and Hall a decent amount and would be thrilled to add Hall to our secondary. Branch is a pretty good player too, but from what I saw of him I don't think he's worth a top 10 pick, at least not to our team. Hall and Adrian Peterson are my top two choices in the 1st round.

    I think we could still get Peterson as most if not all of the teams that are or potentially could be in front of is in the draft are not in real big need of a RB. Detroit has Kevin Jones and a lot more needs, Oakland has LaMont Jordan and a lot more needs, Tampa has Cadillac Williams, Cleveland is the one I'm somewhat worried about as they only have Reuben Droughns, but he's solid and they need a lot of help elsewhere, Arizona has Edgerrin James, Washington has Clinton Portis and also just extended Betts, then San Fran has Frank Gore, Minnesota has Chester Taylor, and Miami has Ronnie Brown. However, if one of them do take Peterson or someone else trades up to grab him, then I'm still ecstatic about getting Leon Hall or would be fine with LaRon Landry or else the best DB/LB or possibly a DL if one really emerges.
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    First....... to point to David's QB rating shows poor understanding of the game. He either fumbled the ball multiple times, or threw multiple INTs during the time you are talking about. the main reason his QB rating was so high, was because of the large amount of short passes, and garbage time TDs.

    He was sacked more(5 times a game) in the game with Charles Spencer(who only played one game) & he avg'd 4 sacks across the first five or so games.

    Our OL is actually playing better now, than they were at the beginning of the season. Look at his sack count, and our rushing yards. That's all OL.

    I do believe we need to continue to draft OL..... Center, I think is the most pressing need, & a couple of second day guards & tackles... until our line is stacked with Talent.

    For next season however what we need more than anything is better QB play. Everyone on our team right now is playing better than our QB. He is missing wide open recievers(not even seeing them) & checking down way too early, and way too often, not giving us a chance to win.

    Secondary.... just like OL, we need to continue drafting and plugging in new talent. We held the colts to under 200 yards passing, but that was mainly because we stayed on the field on offense. Just imagine if we'd been able to do that against the Eagles(we gave up on the running game way too early. Lundy & Dayne were doing well, but our coach panicked.... if we'd have kept the Eagles off the field, our defense(who did pressure McNabb pretty well.... would have stayed fresh, and not given up those big plays.) Same thing against Indy @ Indy, even though we gave them the ball on two turnovers in our first two consecutive possessions........ the multiple three & outs is what killed us.......... same thing against Washington. we were running the ball well, we were down early, but to come out & start the third Qtr 3 & out with two incomplete passess..... no way we had a chance to win that game.

    DL.... we get good pressure on the QB.... we need to do it consistently.
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    Man, the prospect of having Alan Branch on that D-Line with Mario opening up holes for the LB's sounds real good to me. I'd think he'd immediately start with Payne's uncertainty and TJ's situation. He's probably my "it" guy now for the first round. then probably DB and OL in that order.
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    Absolutely not. I am so sick of our offensive line problems, I'd err on the side of overkill. We need to upgrade Hodgdon at a bare minimum. I'm not ready to crown Spencer and Winston as our cornerstone tackles either. I'd prefer it if they were our above average backups to rely upon when our stud goes down to injury.
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    Agreed. Whole lot of people on this board putting a whole lot of chips on spencer's Broken leg. Right now...not even the coaches know for sure He's coming back at 100%. They gotta have at least an OLT prospect in '07 after the dust settles on the draft.


    And if Smith & Kubiak sell the farm to go up and get JT...you'll have an answer on Spencer's projected recovery Satus.

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