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    I felt it today...I knew that during X-Mas week their would be an upset, congrats to Kris Brown on his field goal game winner. Anyways, this season we have had bumps on the road (Consider all of our injuries). My queston to you loyal Texans fans is this, if Charles Spencer our 6'5" 350Lbs. tackle stays healthy next season, do we need to draft a linemen? Hopefully, Okam from Texas well be on the board. I guess we need to add depth to the DT/NT and DB position. Ron Dayne has done a good job as a RB for us and I think Dayne and Lundy are the Texans version of Marion Barber and Julius Jones. What do you guys think?

    P.S. I am upset DeMeco Ryans, Trevor Pryce, S. Jones, and Kerry Rhodes were cheated out of the Pro Bowl. Lofa Tatupu made it (Which almost made me choke).

    :bowser: Ron "Bowser" Dayne
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    1. Yes, we still need to draft an OL. Unless we sign a FA OL, the need is still there. It doesn't look like we can get Joe Thomas for our LT;otherwise,Texans can move Spencer to RT...Winston to RG....Weary and Mckinney fight it out at C. Draft a RT later and leave Spencer at LT.

    2. Dayne is a slower, bigger version of Barber ( He's done well for Texans)....Lundy ...not even close to JJ.

    3. Draft Landry or Nelson in 1st.
    2nd....OLB or OL
    3rd....CB or OL
    Trade Carr for 4th rounder

    Merry Christmas to everybody!!!
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    Hell to the Nawl

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