Houston Texans ~ A Potent Offense?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Ali4Real, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Houston is a hard team to contain on offense given the abundance of weapons - Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels, Slaton. I fully expect Matt Schaub to be able to move the ball down into the red zone a few times on Sunday. And Slaton has been one of the most heavily-used backs in the league inside the 20 - his 24 red zone carries rank eighth among RBs, while no back has equaled his eight red zone targets. As you can see, there's a good reason Slaton has scored in five of the past six games. I'm betting that he'll make it six out of his last seven on Sunday.

    According to Andy Behrens


    I love to see the Texans viewed as an offensive threat, hope we can become a defensive threat soon!

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    As I have posted in the Kubiak threads, we have the potential to be a Super Bowl caliber offense in a year or two. The turnovers and the defense are what's killing us now. Kubiak has done a damn fine job of building this team, but there were a lot of holes to start with. I predict the DC gets fired after this season. Another draft of defense and a better DC and we may yet win some playoff games under Kubiak.

    Remember it took the Colts a few years to get their defense caught up to the offense, as well.
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    Yeah...a great defensive draft the next two years....

    but don't forget the impact free agent or two...cough cough...Haynesworth..cough. I know, I know it's a pipedream.

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