HoH's Post Combine - Pre FA Mock Draft (The Perfect Draft)

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    Trade With The NY Jets for their 4th and 29th pick and the 2nd Round Pick also.. They trade up to get Bush, Saints take Leinart, Titans Take Young..

    We Trade Vernand Morency for a 3rd Round Pick.. Anything less would not be worth it..
    1 DE Mario Williams (NC St)
    Height: 6-7 | Weight: 295 | 40-Time: 4.66
    An amazing natural athlete with rare ability...Has excellent size and a big frame with long arms...Outstanding pass rusher who can dominate a game...Moves well and has very good speed and quickness...Has great
    range and can make plays all over the field...Productive and really came on down the stretch, ending his college career with a bang...Still developing and hasn't yet reached his full potential.

    1 TE Leonard Pope (UGA)
    Height: 6-7 | Weight: 258 | 40-Time: 4.62
    Has outstanding size and a large frame with long arms...Is very athletic...Excellent receiver with great hands...Can stretch a defense vertically...Can run after the catch a little...Tremendous leaper with great ball skills...Has good body control and will make the difficult catch...Gets off the line well and runs good routes...Knows how to use his size and has a knack for getting open...Still has a lot of upside.

    2 OT Marcus McNeil (Aub)
    Height: 6-7 | Weight: 336 | 40-Time: 5.07
    A massive mountain of a man who is an imposing physical presence...Has a large frame with long arms, big hands and a wide base...Tremendous athlete for his size and has great feet...Moves laterally extremely well and it is not easy to get around him...Does a good job getting to the second level of defenders...Has good playing strength...Smart player with top intangibles who wants to get better...An all-around performer who is a major factor as both a run blocker and pass protector.

    2 CB Richard Marshall (Fresno St)
    Height: 5-11 | Weight: 189 | 40-Time: 4.42
    Has good size...Excellent athlete with good speed...Has fluid hips and changes direction well...Has good hands and solid ball skills...Exciting player who will make something happen in the open field...Aggressive player who closes quick, will help out in run support and also deliver the big blow...Playmaker who seems to always come through with a game changing play...Still has a lot of upside and potential.

    3 C Greg Eslinger (Minn)
    Height: 6-3 1/8 | Weight: 292 | 40-Time: 5.13
    Tremendous technician who does everything right...Very smart and makes all the line calls...Good athlete who can get out and pull with the best of them...Moves well, is very quick and has tremendous feet...A team leader with top intangibles who will not be outworked...Has a ton of experience and has been very durable after starting since his true freshman season...Outland Trophy winner. Classic zone blocker who will fit best with a team that emphasizes athleticism over size.

    3 OLB/ILB Roger McIntosh (The U)
    Height: 6-2 | Weight: 237 | 40-Time: 4.61
    Outstanding athletic ability...Has great speed and quickness with a burst to close...Can make plays sideline-to-sideline due to his range...Playmaker who is always around the action...Good tackler...Has a knack for making stops behind the line of scrimmage...Versatile...A leader on and off the field...Hard worker who is smart and mature...Has upside if he can stay healthy and get more playing time. Could project to either outside or inside linebacker at the pro level.

    3 S Pat Watkins (FSU)
    Height: 6-4 | Weight: 211 | 40-Time: 4.42
    Has tremendous size with long arms and the frame to add more weight...Is a very good athlete...Mobile and has excellent range to make plays sideline-to-sideline...Smart and a leader on the field...Great leaper who knows how to go up and get the ball...Will support the run...Still has some upside and potential.

    4 OG Fred Matua (USC)
    6-2 | Weight: 306 | 40-Time: 5.10
    Is very quick...An excellent technician who displays great footwork...Very strong and tough...A beast in the running game...Fiery, intense and emotional...Brings a defensive temperament to the o-line...Experienced and a three-year starter.

    5 HB Gerald Riggs Jr (Tenn)
    Height: 5-11 | Weight: 232 | 40-Time: 4.52
    Has good size...Is a powerful and physical runner who craves contact...Always keeps his legs moving and will run over defenders...Strong and breaks a lot of tackles...Very athletic with great balance and a burst...Is a patient runner with good vision...Has been productive when given a chance...Still has a lot of upside.

    6 WR/QB Brad Smith (Mizz)
    Height: 6-2 | Weight: 213 | 40-Time: 4.46
    Outstanding natural athlete...A terror to defend and a threat to run at any time...Electric and a gamebreaker...Has a pretty good arm...Very instinctive runner...Incredibly productive...Smart and a very mature young man...A team leader with top intangibles...A gamer who comes up big in the clutch...Experienced as a four-year starter...Has some untapped upside at a different position.

    7 OG Cody Douglas (Tenn)
    6-4 | Weight: 330 | 40-Time: 5.30
    Has outstanding size...Is very strong and powerful...Stout at the point of attack...Smart player...Is powerful and packs a punch...Versatile and can play multiple positions...Team leader and a hard worker who gives top effort.


    Draft Summary:
    With the First-1st Rounder, Super Mario fills in a dying need at a Dominant Pass Rusher.. 295lb with the strength of a UHaul Truck and the Speed of an OLB. With the other first Pope falls to us, Our QB gets a 6'7 Target with Tremedous Strength and Great Hands, could be licking his chops to have this guy as an option. McNeil provides a ferious Run Blocker that absolutely plows people and a VERY good Pass Blocker. We Move back to the defensive side, Robinson has been a monster for us, and who better to get than somebody is basically a replica of him.. Richard Marshall is fast, great in man coverage and has delivered sledgehammer hits D-Rob and R-Marsh, i love what they could do for our defense. Greg Eslinger is a 4 Year Starter for one of the BEST lines in College, he made all the calls in a zone blocking offense in which the Texans will be running now. McIntosh played ILB and OLB in the Miami Career, with people like Ray Lewis, Dan Morgan, D.J Williams and Johnathan Vilma coming from The U's LB corp.. it definetly couldnt hurt to give this guy a shot, his verstality in the LB position will be valuable. Watkins is an unbelieveable specimen at the S position 6'4 and 210lbs and runs a 4.4. His LONG arms has helped him knock down a lotta passes that should have been out of his reach. Matua is quick and strong, his is an imposing force that will shock people if he grasp the zone blocking concept. Riggs Jr. is 230 lbs but when it comes to bringing him down you'd think he was 270lbs. He WILL run you over. with that size and he runs a 4.52. He's faster, Bigger and Stronger than Domanick Davis and could provide great depth and who knows, could even take DD's spot 1 day. QB/WR Brad Smith, well as far as he falls in this draft and with the 6th round pick it couldnt hurt to pick this guy at the VERY VERY least he'll be a 3rd reciever and 3rd QB, But A. Randle El came out a QB, converted to WR and he's doing great over in Pitt, they took a chance on him and now they have play in which you have to be honestly cause Rothelisberger is not the only 1 that can throw the ball and why not add that dimension to our team?.. finally Cody Douglas from Tenn well This guy has a NASTY NASTY meanstreak.. he doesnt "block" he MAULS YOU! The Texan's add a Pass Rusher, Pass Recieving TE, Good O-Linemen, and Complement to D-Rob, a Great Safety and a Versatile WR/QB guy.. that could be a night if used properly.
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    Not a bad mock at all, it would help our team out, but I have a few comments:

    I don't think Leonard Pope will last to #29, I think he'll be the 2nd TE off the board, and I don't see him making it past Cincinnati, Chicago, and Carolina. I'm not real fond of Marcus McNeill, I'd prefer Daryn Colledge for our team and blocking scheme, but I still wouldn't take either at #33.

    Richard Marshall wouldn't be a very good opton that high, CB is a need for us but we should be able to find better than Richard Marshall.

    I don't think Rocky McIntosh will last that late either. He put up an impressive combine and I think he could very likely be gone by the mid-2nd.

    Watkins on paper looks like a nice addition, but I haven't seen enough of him to know how useful he really would be, so I'll wait on that one until a later point in time.
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    Thank You For Your Input guys..

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