Here's The Difference in "Reggie vs Vince"

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by wilson6414, Feb 23, 2006.

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    Hey Guys,

    Let me stir the pot a little stirpot:stirpot: Here's some info maybe we've all forgotten with all the hoop-la "Reggie vs. Vince." Here are some players that have sold out ticket sales and fascinated crowds accross the hallowed halls of the NFL season after season. They are as follows:

    Steve Van Buren 6'-0"/200
    Gayle Sayers 6'-0"/198
    Walter Payton 5'-10"/200
    Tony Dorsett 5'-11"/192
    Barry Sanders 5'-8"/203

    But what is it that they all have in common? Yes, they're all running backs. But not just running backs they are all light weights according to all the so-called experts. Yet they could cut and leave defensive linemen as easy as they separated themselves from the linebackers.

    Still haven't figured out what they all have in common? They are truly some of the premier runners of all times and share the same NFL distinction: They belong to "NFL Hall Of Fame." One notable player needs to be mentioned because he was before the consolidation of the AFC/NFC.

    His name was Charley Tollar, who played for the Houston Oilers. At 5'-6"/210 he was like a pilling out of the Intracostal Canal with wheels for feet. I was a staunch San Diego fan and could not stand him. No one could tackle him. There was nothing to grab onto.

    They were all great and I as an avid Texan Fan I welcome the roll of the dice. It is worth the chance to see another Tony Dorsett, Barry Sanders and Walter Peyton on our ball club. My vote is cast for Reggie. Let me know what your think. Keep it cool though.

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    Good first post.

    Personally I am leaning towards Reggie Bush but would still be very happy with trading down or taking VY.
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    Very good post.

    But let's do the math.

    Now since the days of Gayle Sayers you only could come up 5-6 guys to convince me of taking RBush. Even if you left off 5 or 6 more that still wouldn't compute to a formula worth taking Bush at the #1 spot(although I'm sure we'll screw it up take 'em).

    Quick question, of the guys you mentioned, how many of the were:
    a. a top ten draft pick
    b. splitting carries (not sharing...splitting) in college with another back that got the ball in crucial parts of games
    c. made a Super Bowl
    d. won a Super Bowl
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    Good 1st post, weclome! However, consider how the term "average size" has changed since some of these guys have played. I know it wasn't THAT long ago, but players in the NFL are A LOT bigger, stronger, and faster than they were at the time. For example, Julius Peppers is 6'7" 290 and runs a 4.5 40. NFL players are becoming ridiculously athletic and because of that, RBs are getting bigger (or need to) for the same reason everyone else is . . . to be able to perform to the best of their abilities!
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    A size comparison of Reggie Bush to successful RBs from the past that were also considered to be "undersized" is the difference in Reggie and Vince? How?

    Maybe I'm just lost in the dark but I fail to see how that has anything to do with the difference in Reggie and Vince.

    To me, the difference between Reggie and Vince is that one is a RB and the other is a QB. One won the Heisman trophy, the other should've. Both won national championships but one beat the other head-to-head to win his. One will always be remembered for his performance in the national championship game. The other will be remembered for his performance against Fresno State.

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