Here are some observations! We need a playbook!!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by The Mighty Texan, Oct 20, 2005.

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    Hey folks,

    I am putting this out there. Talent lost aside, we have to make better play calls. Running has been bad! Don't believe me, look at fantasy stats! They are a good barameter for skill. Thats because blocking is weak! Simple right? I'll continue, Passing is way bad. Why? Because pass blocking is terrible. David doesn't have time to find an open reciever. I see a trend here. Do you?

    Ok so, we've established that our blocking is crap. What plays can we impliment verses horrable blocking? A Run & Shoot type offense... I know no one uses it bla bla bla. But we need something like it. Carr needs to dump the ball quickly. He doesn't have time back there. We need to pick up the pace (not the salsa) If we attack at every chance. WE can catch them off guard. Throw the ball on first down... Why? because the defense is thinking run and they are just coming onto the field, they are flat footed so to speak. Can you see what I am talking about?... stratagey! Having Davis stopped after 4 or 5 tries on the goal line yells for attention... I would have benched the whole damn OLine!! Embarassing!!

    TE: what a bad crop of TE we have. One has been bed ridden since he got to the team? I don't blame him for injuries but man enough already! Get one that can catch and block and stay healthy!

    Trick plays! We need trick plays! We need something that can spark a positive note on the field. Fea flicker! It worked for Dallas. End around J Mathis is rocket! Use his speed. But, WE NEED TO BLOCK! We don't have time to worry about rookie status! Healthy bodies on the field! Hell, if you bench some starters that could open a door or two?

    PlayBook: with so many rooks and so many injuries we need to simplify the playbook. Simple. Carr needs to read the defense and change the call... see a blitz... short passes. Find man to man coverage... change the call... go to him!

    Another thing I can't stand to see, the WR not even looking at the QB when its time to snap the ball. If the play doesn't involve them they just run the route. I've seen too man passes go to the guys who don't even turn around and look for the ball? Why? Lack of attention? Probably because they don't get the play or the defensive scheme or they believe it doesn't matter. Thats BS in my book! If a reciever as great as Rice can be a complete player tells me why... He's always paying attention on the field... Always! Thats why he is great. If he see's his QB in trouble he changes his route to get open sooner or break to the sidelines something! And he blocks! Who says they the play is over? When in doubt BLOCK your man!!

    The only thing left for me is to say is if we focus we can turn this around.

    If this doesn't work then we should do a reality show out of the Texans... yea, We will call it "So, you can do better" and a fan would get to call the plays for an entire series! Not just one play the entire series. I Bet we can do better!!

    The Mighty Texan!!

    Congratulations to the Houston Astros!!!
    You make us proud!!! Beat the Sox!!!
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    Take about 2/3 of the playbook out and toss it in the garbage. Get back to fundamental football, beginning with blocking and tackling. Succeed at this and you don't need a 6 inch playbook.

    We do need to get the TE more involved, more roll out passes, and more screens.

    bobby 119C :brickwall
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    Instead of booing at the game we should call out the predictable play before the snap.

    "Run up the middle"
    "Run up the middle"
    "Short pass"

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