Gutted for you guys !!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by daedge, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Hey all
    Havent posted here since our victory a few weeks back at Reliant, I just wanted to say I was gunning for you guys all the way and I was confident that the Titans wouldnt get close enough for a FG on that last drive so I was rather gutted, I even picked you guys in Yahoos Picks and Sodas Picks at the Coltfreaks league. I hate the Titans alot and after such a great come back you guys deserved the win, it would have been something special and infact it still was something special.

    The Texans have had alot of bad luck with injuries so far this season, I hope you guys can get healthy and get your season back on track. I think it almost helped them having Collins out there especially on that last drive, no way Vince Gump could have or would have hit that long pass to take the Tits deep into Texans terriotory, Collins is a much better pocket passer and he IMO has always delivered one of the better deep balls in the NFL, its something I have always said. Great forum you guys have also I must say :cool:
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