Greatest Show on Hay?????

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by nytexan, Aug 21, 2011.

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    That was one awesome performance by the Offense against the Saints. In fact that was as impressive as the 2nd half of the Ravens game last year. They just looked unstoppable. The starting Oline was nothing short of dominating, Foster and Tate looked unbelievable especially the move Foster put on the safety on his TD run, the guy didn't even lay a hand on him, Tate was more giddy surprise at the possibilities and AJ had 100 yards receiving in less than a half of action. Yes I haven't mentioned Schaub yet. JJ looked fast and if Lienert could have connected with him on a couple of slant routes it looked like he may have run away from everyone.

    Staying healthy will be the key for Schaub and the interior of the Oline with some of the injuries there but besides that they just seem to be overflowing with talent. After Slaton's rookie year could anyone have foretold that he might get cut because we have 3 backs better than him on the squad??? Something else that wasn't mentioned that I can tell was how they used Casey early in the contest. He didn't do anything striking in comparison to the other RB's but they showed just enough of him that the next DC's are going to have to account for him, Vonta may have been a blocking beast but Casey looked like a viable option in the offense.

    WOW just a great performance and one last thing was that the KTRK picture quality of did the turf really look that bad?? That was a terrible looking field for a modern NFL game.

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