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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by maddogmrb, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Imposters I tell you, there were imposters wearing #36 & #90 today. There will be a league investigation into it, I guarantee you!

    WR - Grade = A. AJ was great. Walter and the other Andre did well, too. Where has JJ disappeared to?

    TE - Grade= A. OD was very good and Dressen caught a TD! Announcers really liked OD.

    Oline - Grade= B-. Maybe best game of the season. Only 1 sack, I believe and the running game was well, running.

    QB - Grade = B+. Okay, I could definitely tell a difference between Matt and Sage. Matt looked good today and, even though he did make a couple or 3 bad throws they didn't end up as TO's. I believe the time off helped him regain his faculties and AJ and the running game probably made a huge diff to Matt and the team.

    RB - Grade= B. I don't know who was wearing #36 but it surely isn't the Dayne we've all come to know and wish we didn't! Okay, I have to give him his props ... he did look much better than in most past games. Consistency is the key baby .... git 'r done! Echodude will now forever be relegated to the bench after his fumble.

    FB - Grade= B-. Good blocking even though Leach fumbled that pass.

    DLine - Grade= B. Now we all know that the 2nd imposter was wearing #90 today. Again, I have to give Mario his props for a good game. It appears that he is really responding to being in a standing stance but, just as the announcers said, he has a history of having an excellent game and then a string of ho-hums. Consistency baby, that is the key ....... git 'r done! The rest of the line held its own pretty well against a good oline.

    MLB - Grade= B+. Demeco was all over the place.

    OLB - Grade= B-. Greenwood got an int and they didn't embarass themselves.

    CB - Grade= B+. Fred and Von looked good overall. Will be interesting to see how they hold up rest of the season.

    S - Grade= B-. Bent but didn't break. Best game of the season.

    ST - Grade= B-. Turk is the man. Brown is consistently good. Our return game has gone South for the winter.

    Coaching - Grade= B+. Best game of the season. Kubes just can't get a break on the challenges. Offensive scheme was much better than our traditional Dayne for 3 and outs! Our defensive schemes were better, too. Our blitzes were effective and timely. Good things happen to teams who create situations instead of letting situations dictate to them.... hence the timely turnovers.

    How do we figure this team out? I can now see the team between 7-9 and 9-7 and that's darn good! :fans:

    Okay that's my take on it, what's yours?
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    OK, I doubt it, but I'm an optimist. :splits:
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    QB: A- Schaub made a few bad throws and the delay penalty, but otherwise was as good as we have seen him

    RB: B Would have been better without the 4th down run and Echemandu's fumble. Solid day for the position

    FB: C- Why? Unless you are on the one, stop throwing leech the ball, just stop...

    WR: A+ I almost cried twice at the game, during introductions, and right after the play fake. Great to see 80 on the field again. Rock and Roll. The other guys played good again, making Jacoby able to learn slowly and adjust instead of being a starter. Its hard to justify sitting any of the top three. Great unit and a suprising strength.

    OL: B Great job. THe only sack was on PA when no one bit. Otherwise, great. Good running lanes, and decent protection.

    CB: B+ Very solid. No real errors. Agressive and oppertunistic. Great game.

    LB: B Ok I guess. Made a nice pick, and Demeco was all over the place. Solid outing.

    DL: A Great game by these guys. THey got hit with a few screens and later didnt fall for them. Mario had his best pro game yet, his motor was working on all cylinders and he was out right abusive on a few plays. Great job by the unit as a whole.

    SP T: C Jacoby was ok, though he was real close on one of his returns. Wynn was Wynn, average. Kicking was good, but our coverage teams could have been better.

    I know these are kinda high, but I thought we had one of the most complete games yet. We made big plays and even did the little things that dont show up on a stat sheet that are the difference. Great day to be a Texan.

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