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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by maddogmrb, Dec 16, 2007.

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    Congrats to the whole organization for a very quality win against a quality opponent in the playoff hunt.

    WR - Grade = B+. Would we dare say we would take AJ, Walter, & Davis over any other threesome in the league? Sure, there may be better threesome's at this time but, when you consider age and upside, it's hard not to take our 3 guys.

    TE - Grade= B-. Solid, winning TE play.

    Oline - Grade= B+. I don't think I've given them this high a grade all year. I'm respecting their efforts and accomplishments in this game. Winston is becoming a real leader on the oline & it's great to Brisel step up. Good job guys!

    QB - Grade = B. Sage continues to show good pocket awareness and runs the offense well. Is he perfect ... no, does he make mistakes .... yes. But he's the best QB we've ever had.

    RB - Grade= B. Good job by Dayne and Walker. I think we are finally getting the most we can out of Dayne and I think Walker will continue to improve with playing time. He looked considerably better in this game than the last. Perhaps the team needs to take a good look at Dayne's off-season conditioning because this is 2 years in a row where he has improved significantly in the 2nd half of the season.

    FB - Grade= B. Last week I asked why the FB never runs the ball in short yardage on this team and this week he did and got excellent results. Leach may have had his best game of the year.

    DLine - Grade= B+. Thank you Mario! It is great to see you playing to your ability .... congrats! The rest of our line is solid and playing well, too. I don't think this is a priority area for us to address in the offseason unless we can add an impact FA that doesn't hurt our chances of improving the team in other areas with more need.

    MLB - Grade= B+. Ryans job becomes easier and he becomes more effective when those around him are stepping up their game.

    OLB - Grade= B. Greenwood and Anderson had solid games and, as a group, probably had their best game of the season. Play is improving here but, 2nd to oline, I believe this is a priority to be addressed in the off-season.

    CB - Grade= B. Receivers had too much space early but, we seemed to tighten things up and do better as the game wore on.

    S - Grade= B. Good job overall. Demps has made a difference.

    ST - Grade= B. This grade could be better but, JJ seems to be in a real funk. Davis was excellent .... can he return punts, too? (Same as last week)

    Coaching - Grade= B+. I think Kubes and staff are growing into the game and learning how to utilize their talent and learning how to play winning NFL football. However, I was dissapointed with our 2 minute NO offense at the end of the 1st half. All that conservatism accomplished was to put the Broncos in position to possibly score themselves before the half.

    Congrats to the team. I didn't think we would beat the Broncos and we did so convincingly. I believe we have a very real possibility now of ending the season 8-8 by beating the Jags. Who knows? With this team/coaches learning how to win, anything is possible in Indy..... :d: :texflag:

    Okay that's my take on it, what's yours?

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