GP's tips for the Titans players on Super Bowl Sunday

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by GP, Jan 27, 2009.

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    I was just thinking about the little comment that the Titans said, after we beat them in Reliant: "That was THEIR Super Bowl..." And so I'd like to tell the Titans and their fans: We won our Super Bowl, but you didn't even get to play in yours. Some tips for Titans players on Sunday night:

    1. Enjoy watching the Terrible Towels being waved all game long this coming Sunday. Did you make sure to save one so that you could stomp on it in your living room while watching the game?

    2. Be sure to keep an eye on Vince, to make sure that he doesn't leave the party early without his cell phone.

    3. You might want to place a limit on how many times a person can go back to the meat & cheese platter: Call it "The LenWhale Rule."

    4. Take bets on how many times Jeff Fisher whispers "go for it..." when one of the teams has a 4th and short on the opponent's 30.

    5. Don't let Albert Haynesworth have a wardrobe malfunction. For the love of all that is dear and sacred, do NOT let that happen.

    6. Invite Frank Wychek over for your own halftime celebration. You can go in the backyard and have him re-create the Music City Miracle all over again. Just make sure you watch Kurt Warner in the second half of the game and remember falling a yard short, as well.

    7. Rent powder blue 1970s-style leisure suits, strap a possum to your head, and make your Super Bowl party a "Bud Adams Look-A-Like" contest.

    8. Uh oh. There goes Vince! And he's crying. Again.

    9. If Cortland Finnegan shows up, you better lock up the Bailey's, House of Pain CDs, and any pots of gold that might be laying around the house. And do not try to steal his Lucky Charms. He HATES that!

    10. Texans ROCK! You don't.

    GP has spoken.

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