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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by GP, Oct 1, 2006.

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    1. Walter, where you been all my life?

    Thank you for shwoing up and catching a clutch pass to keep the chains moving. And THANK YOU for somehow NOT becoming a Coleman on the onside kick--You lucked out, bro. Oh, and it is a little curious that Shepherd got on the field and was going nuts on the Fins' defense...and then you come back out and suddenly are clutch. Not saying you sacked up just because another third-tier guy was going bonkers out there...just saying it "could" look that way. Anyways, you were clutch when we needed it. Way to go.

    2. Mario should have TWO sacks, none of this .5 crud.

    On MY television screen, Demeco makes Culpepper lay down, but Mario touches the QB first. Is this NOT a solo sack? I don;t even think Demeco touched Culpepper...looked like he was actually trying to let Mario get the sack. If so, Demeco is a class guy.

    3. Does Carr have a poker "tell" at the line of scrimmage?
    Is that right foot slipping back before the snap, prehaps as a precautionary measure that is allowing him to drop back quicker away from center to get the ball to the running back before getting tripped like he was earlier this season? I'm gonna' go back, watch the plays and see if his feet and shoulders are squared up under center on pass plays and/or dropping that right foot back (during his snap count) on running plays.

    4. Gado laid the smackdown on Zach Thomas.
    "Boom!" is all I can say.

    5. Suspect playcalling, at critical times toward the end of the game, almost cost us the game.
    Why go deep on 2nd and long? And then have it stop the clock? Uggh...oh well, you lucked out this time.

    6. Kubiak: Way to turn your back on the 2-point attempt. That was some stones, bro.
    Tasker liked it. He was whooping for ya'. Anybody who knows they have the play stopped before it begins, and then just walks away without even needing to see the play progress...well, that's Big Boy if you ask me. Nice. It'll be a signature highlight for years to come. Dom would have stood there with a finger over his lip, in deep thought, with eyebrows cocked in curiousity as to how the play would go. Not you, Mr. Kubiak: You're a High Life man.

    7. When Dayne clears the line of scrimmage, he's good for about 5 yards a pop.
    Getting his legs free of blockers' legs and/or defenders' arms at, or just past, the line of scrimmage ensures that he's going to either drag defenders with him or bulldoze defenders for extra yards. It ain't pretty, and he goes longer between long runs because of it, but he's a downhill runner who has to get his momentum going to make big plays in big situations.
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    we need to stop the shotgun period. 1st down in the 2nd quarter and we're going shotgun? really? pathetic.
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    1. walters isnt on my A list, that's for sure. dropped pass, holding penalty on our longest run, and a near fatal muffed kickoff. that after last week's poor effort on carr's INT. c'mon big boy, you gotta step it up ... especially with probowlers all around you out there.

    4. WOW! i jumped out of my seat when i saw that hit. gado just flattened him. incredible!

    7. if dayne sticks with houston, he's going to earn a nickname. i havent seen power running like that since bettis. if we can step the blocking up so that dayne can start feasting on linebackers instead of defensive tackles, he's going to really make his presence felt.

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