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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Daonly, May 2, 2006.

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    I love it Man.... The Texans have BIG SACKS I SWEAR!! We made sure the world knew... Not one Player... I Repeat... Not one Player.. Makes this team... We turned down the Hallie Berry of this Draft Butt Naked! Come and Get It.. for 15 mins... for Tyra Banks for 60 mins.. lol... anyways don't mind me.... It's like what Michael Smith said.. The High Powered Rams.. against the Patriots.

    You can score and score.. but if you can't stop no one from scoring... and they score 1 more point than you.. You LOOSE! bottom line.

    We gave up more points, had less sacks, gave up more yards.. and was like 24th against the pass, with no pass rush?????

    We sucked on D!!! People forget; Football is played on both sides of the ball!

    A yard is a yard, and a touchdown is a touchsown, no matter it was from 99 yards out. or a 1 yard goaline punch in. Who cares it if was all And-1 style.. who gives a fart?? Just cause Reggie Bush ran for a touchdown, do you think the league going to give him an extra point for it?

    This Team needs to be solid on both ends.. Offense and Defense to win games. It's just not Mario Williams, it's a combination of all of them.. Weaver, Travis Johnson, and the entire Defense. It's not just about Andre Johnson either; it's about the entire Offense. The Steelers had a great Defense,and a solid Offense. That's what the Texans need.

    If we had gotten Bush, and our offense clicks.. and we score like crazy and make the Top 10 plays on espn.. win a few ball games.. then start dropping some games because our defense wasnt up to par,We're going to be right back on the top of the draft! Anyways this is my ramble of the night im out.. lol

    Ohh by the way.. Who cares if Reggie Bush become the better player.. it's about who has the biggest impact on the field; and I promise the Saints aren't going to be better than the Texans. Our Defense as is now, is better.. and our Offense is just as good or even better.. We shall see...
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    I hear ya

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