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    I've asked about it before but I simply will never be in town when there is a signing because I only go back for games and they don't usually have autograph signings when I am there.

    My question is, if I have a few nice items (game day program and tickets from first playoff game) how can I send them and request that they get signed with some assurance that even if they aren't signed I will get them back. I want to put them in a shadow box and make them the center piece of my man cave (and put one of the tickets on my wall at work). Is this a pipe dream? Y'all know me, this isn't a "want to make money" kind of thing, this is a matter of pride for me. Any ideas? I really can't part with them because I was AT the game but having them signed would just be icing on the cake.

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    I'll be blunt, you can't.

    If you really want to get it done, pay for them at a Tri Star show. At the last one in Houston about half the team was there.
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    I actually spoke to someone within the Texans organization about this earlier this year. What I was told is that they do not regulate the autographs for players. They said that you can send anything you want and to get signed, but it's up to the players to actually do it and return it. Some players are really good about signing and returning items, and others don't. They recommend only sending items that you would be willing to take a risk at never getting back.

    So if it's an item that important to you, take Yankees advice and go to a Tristar show, or someplace you can get it in person.

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