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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TPIMP, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Big Picture--

    Anyone within shouting distance of reality knew the Texans would not be a playoff team this year. In fact there was no reason to believe they would have a winning record. 6-10 is what I thought based on the schedule and talent on this team. Starting a number of rookies and a difficult early schedule, I had them with only one win at this point and it was the Titans. So we got a Miami team that turned out to not be as good as thought and we beat Jacksonville in a game no one expected us to win. Even with that the unbiased handycappers had the Texans as 3 point underdogs in the Titan game.

    So the Texans are a game ahead of schedule to finish with 6 wins. And that is without Dominick Davis. 6 wins will happen. Next season they should improve to 9-7 or 10-6 range. If you thought it would happen overnight then maybe you are the problem, not the team.
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    6 wins this year does not sound too bad when you consider that this is a brand new coaching staff.
    I know it will take time but people get antsy. yah know?
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    As odd as it sounds, I'm enjoying this season-our draft core's outstanding play really has me optimistic for the long run, and while I hate to lose, it looks like Kubiak really knows what he's doing.
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    Excellent assessment.

    People tend to forget, Rome wasn't built in a day. Anytime a new coaching staff and new regime comes in, you're going to have that year-two year window where the team breaks down and rebuilds.

    You said it best. No one expected this team to be a playoff bound squad this year. The main goal of this season for Kubiak I think is to see what current vets have a long term spot on this roster, which vets will be Texans long enough for Kubiak and Smith to usher them out of town and where they need to make improvements.

    Thus far, it's fair to say Mario's been so far so good. He's currently looking like he's on pace for about 7-8 sacks this season, which for a rookie is pretty damned good. Demaco Ryans has been a huge bright spot, and is going to be a top notch LB for many years to come, and appears on his way to having over 100 tackles in his rookie season. Andre Johnson's looking like the receiver we all hoped he'd become and Owen Daniels has been a pleasant surprise, giving two, young viable targets for Carr/Rosenfels.

    Thus far, the verdict is still out on Lundy and Carr, with Lundy showing glimpses of promise and Carr showing some of the potential that made him appealing to Casserly and Co. Fortunately, the team has the rest of the season to figure out if these two are the long term answers at QB and HB.

    It's still frustrating because the team is facing a losing record, yet at the end of the day, at least with this squad you can see that they've got some pieces to build around and appear to be headed in the right direction.

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