Georgia at Auburn

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    I'm dissapointed not to get a chance to watch this game (work) so I need your opinions & breakdown of the game. Specificly some outstanding prospects who should be 1st & 2nd round draft picks.

    1st Georgia DE (OLB w/Texans) David Pollack-
    Strengths: Production is unparalleled...Tough and fiesty...Has a motor that never stops and is always giving 110%...One of the most feared pass rushers in the draft...Tough and strong...Very quick and agile...A playmaker with great instincts...Won't be outworked...Great character.
    Weaknesses: Is undersized and needs to get bigger and stronger...Doesn't have top end speed...May have trouble against the huge offensive tackles he will face in the pros.
    Notes: Doesn't have all the physical tools you look for but has been one of the most dominant defensive players in the country the last three seasons...You can bet some team will fall in love with his production and attitude.

    2nd Auburn RB/FB Ronnie Brown-
    Strengths: Very good size...Great speed...Excellent receiver out of the backfield...Very strong and runs hard...Has good balance...Displays good vision and hits the hole hard...Can run over defenders or run away from them.
    Weaknesses: Never had the opportunity to be the main ball carrier in college...Not real shifty...Has had some minor injuries problems and durability might be a question mark...Not an explosive runner.
    Notes: Overshadowed by Cadillac Williams but may in fact be the better pro when all is said and done...One of the best, if not the best, all-around running back prospects in this draft

    3rd Auburn CB Carlos Rogers-
    Strengths: Excellent size and speed for the position...Tough player who will fight through injuries...Great athleticism...Good ball skills and has become a a playmaker as a senior...Has a lot of experience and made an impact early on as a freshman.
    Weaknesses: Doesn't always play up to his physical tools...Isn't a great tackler...Not very stout against the run...Has a lot of work to do in terms of his technique...Needs to master the nuances of the position rather than relying on his physical gifts so much.
    Notes: Has just the type of size / speed ratio you are looking for in an NFL corner...A bit of an underachiver throughout his career but came on as a senior...You can bet some team will be more than willing to take a chance on a player with his physical tools and he could go a little higher than his play on the field would suggest.

    4th Thomas Davis Georgia true NFL SS-
    Strengths: A safety in a linebackers body...Very strong, tough and physical...Excellent athlete...Great size...Has great range...A force in run support...Great instincts...Good tackler...Has a lot of upside.
    Weaknesses: Raw and still developing...Has only average speed but it is good for his size...Doesn't have a lot of experience at safety because he has moved back and forth between there and linebacker...Not a ballhawk.
    Notes: Has Roy Williams-like potential...Still a work in progress but has a lot of potential...Should be one of the top safety prospects in the draft should he come out.

    5th Odell Thurman Georgia MLB-
    Strengths: Good natural athletic ability...Brings a lot of toughness to the position...Good tackler...Moves and changes direction well.
    Weaknesses: Has had some off the field trouble as recently as the '04 season when he was suspended early on...Only average size and speed...Doesn't have a lot of experience.
    Notes: Has a lot of potential and has played well when given the chance...Still has a lot of question marks surrounding him...Might be better off staying at Georgia for his senior season.

    descriptions coutsey of NFL Draft Countdown

    Plus many other future NFL prospects, along with Miami, LSU, USC, Texas & Oklahoma. It would'nt hurt my feelings if the Texans selected Pollack 1st, grabbed Brown in the 2nd and used the draft pick aquired from Dallas via Henson on Carlos Rogers (I can dream can't I). If some of you get the chance watch the game latter today & report back, I sure would appreciate the feedback, thanks.

    FYI, Thought to add NFL Coutdown's updated Mock draft pick of the Texans

    18. Houston Texans: Thomas Davis, S, Georgia

    The Texans have done a nice job of building this team from scratch but there are still some areas that need to be addressed. With their first pick last year they landed an impact corner in Dunta Robinson and now it may be time to bring in a top safety to compliment him. Thomas Davis is a true impact player with Roy Williams-like potential who would fit in very well at strong safety next to Marcus Coleman. Essentially a safety in a linebackers body, Davis uses his size, speed and athleticism to make plays all over the field. This selection would really solidify the Houston secondary and give them yet another impact player on what is already a solid defensive core. Another option here is Marcus Spears, who would be a perfect fit at defensive end in their 3-4 scheme and give them a dominating front by allowing them to move Robaire Smith inside to tackle and with Gary Walker on the other side.
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    Pollack did ok. He blocked a punt, but other than that he had an average game. Thomas Davis is by far the best tackler for Georgia. He had lots of good hard tackles, but his coverage was weak today. He got burned on a HB pass and also jumped a route too early. He still has that linebacker mentality and it shows when he is in pass coverage. I would say his stock dropped today.

    Odell Thurman got manhandled today. The Auburn RB's ran almost untouched until they got into the secondary today.

    Any team that drafts Fred Gibson will have a big weenie on their hands. He drops balls because he is scared to get hit. He was terrible today. Reggie Brown is the best Georgia WR IMO.

    Both Auburn backs were good today. Brown made some impressive blocks for Caddy, and Brown also was good catching it down the field. I'd probably pick Brown over Caddy.

    Carlos Rogers had a good game. Made a pick on a WEAK throw by David Greene. Also made some good tackles.

    Overall Georgia got manhandled. Thats about all there was to this game. :bag:
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    Very nice review :thumbup

    & Fiddy started another post reviewing Ronnie Brown giving him :thumbup

    Since I believe the Texans are going defense looks like Thomas Davis, the top strong safety in the draft may be given serious consideration. We need to improve the overall tackling & this would certainly solidfy the Texans defensive backfield.

    Brown maybe too recognized moving up the draft boards into the 1st round, even though he would be my choice as well of running backs I'm not convinced the Texans will use their 1st rounder on a running back.

    Carlos look'ed good too, maybe a value pick in the 3rd.

    I've got the tape @ home will review it, probably agree with you wags.

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