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Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by Ckw, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Hey guys,
    Well, excitingly enough this is going to be my first Texans game. Second actually but I believe the first was in the expansion year, and I don't even remember who we played. Question is what time do you guys think I should get to the game? I don't know anyone to tailgate with so I really just care about getting to the game to see the intros and all that jazz. I've never been so pumped for a game in my life, and this is coming from an Aggie. These days, my Texans come first. I can't express to you guys what it has been like watching this team go from nothing to something. All I'm looking for is a close, injury free game against the Colts. We have little to lose and everything to gain. Man I can't wait to sip on a beer and cheer for my Texans! :texflag:

    Oh, and does anyone know the best places to park or have an extra parking pass to sell of anything like that? Thanks guys.

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