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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by YeaLikeRightNow, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Nothing humorous about this Texans’ season, but after reading through most of the posts here and realizing how this absurd season has affected each of us; I decided to venture to other NFL team fan sites and see how they react to their own teams’ debacles…especially after the results from this weekend.

    Notably, I ventured over to the Tacks, the Colts, and the Cowpokes forums to see what is up - and lo and behold, the fan base comments look exactly the same, even the same as our site. The Cowboys forum has been the most aggressive…calling for the firing of not only some players, but of Jerry Jones, LOL! The Titans are calling for their head coach Mike Munchak; the Colts are calling their coach Pagano too passive.

    The only fan base that seemed pleased was the Jaguars! They were the only AFC South team to win yesterday!

    It’s amazing what one win can do, and it would have been amazing what a win against the Cardinals would have done for the Texans, notably Case Keenum. I really want to see him win a game.
    Aside from the NFC East division, it seems our division may be the worst in the NFL. The difference between a winning and a losing season can change in a heartbeat it seems. Jake Locker goes down to a LisFranc injury, so I heard. Chris Johnson went from hero to goat in less than a week. Reggie Waynes’ absence is sticking with the Colts and their new running back Trent Richardson can’t seem to find holes, and the Texans have seen more adversity this season than all of their previous years of existence combined; yet we are oh so close to still being competitive.

    Meanwhile - the Raiders are playing much better, the Panthers are resurgent, the Lions show signs of success, and even the Jets are contenders. Just a year ago…these teams were punching bags for the rest of the NFL.


    Redskins and Falcons first come to mind, the Vikings too. The Chargers are as unpredictable as they’ve ever been and Tampa Bay?

    Yes, we are suffering a relapse of previous losing seasons, but I don’t believe we’ve seen the worst…its yet to come…..
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    I agree the worst is yet to come for the Texans and worse yet for the fans that deserve so much better.
    Kubiak right or wrong needs to go.
    Andre it looks like he will be asking to be traded.
    JJ how long is this guy going to settle for being on a team like this?
    How healthy career wise is their #1 RB?
    Schaub will never win the big one so he is out as well.
    Phillips will probably leave at the end of this year as well.
    This team will be a skeleton meaning a long tough rebuild which the fans do not deserve.
    The Texans started wrong with drafting Carr and no front line and have not been on course since then.
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    Falcons=Texans season. :mariopalm:

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