Full Three-Round Mock (Based Upon Need)

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    This is a very loooooong post....beware. I compiled a full three-round mock for all 32 teams and an overview for each team. Most of the picks in this mock are based upon need for each team. (Yes, I know, I know....I have waaaay to much time on my hands...LOL.)

    I expect a lot of disagreement w/ many of these picks b/c there are a few surprises and a few big names that slip further than predicted. Before you criticize me too much, please review the draft overview (in the second post.)

    Look at all the picks for each team and ask yourself if you think each team would be happy w/ the draft picks I gave them....does it meet their needs? Does it make them a better team? If you consider these things, I think you can, at the very least, agree that it is a reasonable and possible assesment.

    Texans trade down to Jets #4 for 2nd round this year and 1st round next year. In the below scenario, I have the Titans taking VY. However, I feel that there is a very strong possibility that the Titans may take D?Brickashaw Ferguson. If this happens, I find it very hard to believe that the Texans would still pass on VY if he was available at the #4 spot.

    Round 1

    1. Jets-Reggie Bush, HB
    -Perfect match for both and the whole reason why they traded up.
    2. Saints-Matt Leinart, QB
    -Pretty much a given; Brooks days are over and this is their largest need.
    3. Titans-Vince Young, QB
    -Titans elect to go w/ the young playmaker to groom behind Steve McNair. Also consider D'Brick.
    4. Texans-Mario Williams, DE
    -The best DE in the draft will be the cornerstone of the Dline for years to come. Texans also need an OT but that position is deep in this draft and they can find a tackle in later rounds.
    5. Packers-AJ Hawk, OLB
    -OLB is one of the team's greatest needs, they may even be looking for two during the draft.
    6. Raiders-Jay Cutler, QB
    -Although many feel this is much too high, and there are still great talents on the board...pending a great workout, the Raiders elect to take the strong-armed QB to replace Collins. Nothing is a guarantee since the offensive-minded pass-happy Al Davis has, and always will, run the show.
    7. 49ers-Haloti Ngata, DT
    -While WR is their greatest need, they also need a stud DT to replace the aging Bryant Young and cannot pass on Ngata.
    8. Bills-D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT
    -The Bills are the first team to benefit from the deep draft of Olinemen as the best tackle drops into their lap; Ferguson is needed to replace Mike Gandy.
    9. Lions-Mathias Kiwanuka, DE
    -With Cutler and Ferguson off the board, they need an end to replace Cory Redding and Kiwi fits the mold.
    10. Cardinals-Winston Justice, OT
    -Fills a definite need. Also consider RB but elect to take one in later rounds.
    11. Rams-Michael Huff, FS
    -In desperate need of help in the secondary, this fills the need as Huff can play S or CB
    12. Browns-Manny Lawson, DE
    -Defensive minded Romeo Crennel takes Lawson to play OLB in their 3-4 defense.
    13. Ravens-LenDale White, HB
    -Workhorse, smash-mouth runner that fits their style. However, if they feel confident in Jamaal Lewis, don?t be surprised to see OG Max Jean-Gilles here.
    14. Eagles-Santonio Holmes, WR
    -Need a WR to replace TO and Holmes is the best available. Also consider DE but some will be available in later rounds.
    15. Falcons-Jimmy Williams, FS
    -Consider DE, but cannot pass on this talented DB to provide much-needed help in secondary. He'll join former fellow VTech alums DeAngelo Hall and Vick.
    16. Dolphins-Tambi Hali, DE
    -Defensive-minded Nick Saban cannot let Hali pass as he fills a glaring need.
    17. Vikings-DeAngelo Williams, HB
    -The workhorse RB that they need. Also consider LB.
    18. Cowboys-Sinorice Moss, WR
    -Provides them w/ the deep threat that the offense is looking for and WRs are hard to come by this year.
    19. Chargers-Darnell Bing, FS
    -The safety that they need to replace Bhawoh Jue.
    20. Chiefs-Tye Hill, CB
    -Will go a long way to help their weakest facet: defense. Consider WR but don't feel that any merit their 1st round pick.
    21. Patriots-Chad Greenway, LB
    -Although they need help at the CB position, they can't pass on Greenway as linebackers are the mainstay of their defense. CB position is also relatively deep in this draft.
    22. Broncos-Vernon Davis, TE
    -Luxury pick to upgrade the TE spot and give Plummer a reliable target.
    23. Bucs-Jonathan Scott, OT
    -Fills their greatest need.
    24. Bengals-Brodrick Bunkley, DT
    -Fills the hole in the middle of their Dline.
    25. Giants-Bobby Carpenter, LB
    -Their lack of depth at LB was evident down the stretch in 2005.
    26. Bears-Mercedes Lewis, TE
    -Gives their young QBs a reliable safety valve.
    27. Panthers-Gabe Watson, DT
    -Kris Jenkins is good but has missed almost two entire seasons w/ injury and Brenston Buckner is aging. Consider TE but that is a deep area of the draft.
    28. Jaguars-Ashton Youboty, CB
    -A desperate need for the Jags and Youboty is a top corner prospect.
    29. Broncos-Marcus McNeil, OT
    -Need help at this position. Also consider DT.
    30. Colts-Laurence Maroney, HB
    -The perfect replacement for Edge.
    31. Seahawks-Ernie Sims, LB
    -Fast, athletic good tackler gives them a great starting trio.
    32. Steelers-Antonio Cromartie, CB
    -Top corner prospect; a given if Taylor leaves via FA.

    Round 2

    1. Texans-Daryn Colledge, OT
    2. Saints-DeMeco Ryans, LB
    3. Texans-Ko Simpson, FS
    4. Packers-Max Jean-Gilles, OG
    5. Raiders-Thomas Howard, LB
    6. 49ers-Chad Jackson, WR
    7. Titans-Abdul Hodge, LB
    8. Lions-Eric Winston, OT
    9. Cardinals-Leonard Pope, TE
    10. Bills-Jesse Mahelona, DT
    11. Browns-Rodrique Wright, DT
    12. Ravens-Andre Whitworth, OT
    13. Eagles-Daryl Tapp, DE
    14. Rams-Dominique Byrd, TE
    15. Falcons-Ryan O'Callaghan, OT
    16. Vikings-D'Qwell Jackson, LB
    17. Cowboys-Jason Allen, FS/CB
    18. Chargers-Charles Spencer, OT
    19. Dolphins-Omar Jacobs, QB
    20. Patriots-Charles Gordon, CB
    21. Redskins-Kamerion Wimbley, DE
    22. Chiefs-Babetunde Oshinowo, DT
    23. Bengals-Donte Whitner, S
    24. Giants-DeMario Minter, CB
    25. Bears-Taitusi Lutui, OG
    26. Panthers-Anthony Fasano, TE
    27. Bucs-Davin Joseph, OG
    28. Jags-Kai Parham, LB
    29. Broncos-Orion Harris, DT
    30. Colts- Spencer Havner, LB
    31. Seahawks-Derek Hagan, WR
    32. Steelers-Nate Salley, S

    Round 3

    1. Texans-Jonathan Joseph, CB
    2. Texans-Cory Rodgers, WR
    3. Packers-Brian Calhoun, HB
    4. Raiders-Claude Wroten, DT
    5. 49ers- Alan Zemaitis, CB
    6. Bills-Roman Harper, S
    7. Jets-Jeremy Trueblood, OT
    8. Cardinals-Jerome Harrison, HB
    9. Bills-Brandon Johnson, LB
    10. Lions-Brodie Croyle, QB
    11. Patriots-Stephen Tulloch, LB
    12. Eagles-Kedric Golston, DT
    13. Rams-Ray Edwards, DE
    14. Browns-Richard Marshall, CB
    15. Falcons-Maurice Stovall, WR
    16. Cowboys-Paul Pinegar, QB
    17. Chargers-Martin Nance, WR
    18. Dolphins-Nick Mangold, C
    19. Vikings-Pat Watkins, S
    20. Redskins-Demetrius Williams, WR
    21. Chiefs-Hank Baskett, WR
    22. Patriots-Todd Watkins, WR
    23. Giants-Kyle Williams, DT
    24. Bears-Roger McIntosh, LB
    25. Panthers-Devin Hester, WR/CB/KR
    26. Bucs-Cedric Griffin, CB
    27. Bengals-David Thomas, TE
    28. Jags-Tim Day, TE
    29. Broncos-Greg Blue, S
    30. Colts-Will Blackmon, CB
    31. Seahawks-Anthony Smith, S
    32. Steelers-Greg Eslinger, C

    Round 4 Texans-Joe Klopfenstein, TE
    Round 5 Texans-Mark Setterstrom, OG/C
    Round 6 Texans-Aaron Harris, LB
    Round 7 Texans-Taurean Henderson, HB

    Draft Overview (by team)


    Offense-With a deep draft on the offensive line, we got a solid RT in Daryn Colledge in the 2nd. He is a legitimate tackle and will definitely be an upgrade to our line. Speedy and athletic, he moves well, excels in the run game, is a great pass blocker, and has the nasty demeanor that you want in a lineman. Mark Setterstrom comes at great value in the 5th round. He projects as a LG, but also has experience at C. He could serve as Hodgdon's back-up which would mean that McKinney never has to play C again. Setterstrom also moves well and is a good fit for the zone-blocking scheme.

    WR Cory Rodgers is a huge upgrade over Corey Bradford and the Texans are lucky to get him. A playmaker WR w/ good hands, he also excels in returning kicks. Described as "a sick athlete, with the ability to take it to the house each and every time he touches the ball," he could wind up being a steal. If he polishes his game a little more, he definitely has the ability to become a legitimate #2 WR opposite AJ. TE Joe Klopfenstein is a big end with good speed and agility that fell to the 4th as a result of the deep class of TEs. He will be a big target in the red zone and key in Kubiak's offense. HB Taurean Henderson is just the type of back that Kubiak was hoping would fall to the 7th as a result of the depth at the position this year. He is a shifty, elusive runner but won't shy away from contact?great as a receiver out of the backfield. Most scouting reports project him to do well if he lands in a west-coast offense.

    Defense: With the Texans 1st round pick, we elected to take DE Mario Williams who is being labeled the second-coming of Julius Peppers. With the defense switching to the 4-3, we need a stud strong-side DE and "Super Mario" looks to step into that role from day one. With the 2nd round pick from the Jets (#35,) we were able to get an instant starter at FS in Ko Simpson. Simpson is a ball-hawking safety that makes plays in the running and passing game. He is also a ferocious hitter that will make receivers think twice about coming over the middle.

    In the 3rd round, CB Jonathan Joseph looks like he'll be an excellent #2 corner opposite DRob. In fact, while he may need a little more development b/c he is a raw talent, he posses many of DRob's qualities...including speed, agility, and a hard hitter who isn't afraid to support the run. In the 6th round, MLB Aaron Harris was available b/c of his lack of proto-typical NFL size. He is a very tough, passionate player and a tackling machine. Harris is the type of linebacker that flies from sideline to sideline making plays. Anyone doubting this pick should consider Zach Thomas as a good NFL comparison to Harris' abilities.
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    Here are the remaining teams draft overview (w/ team needs):

    Bears (Oline, TE, CB, OLB, WR)
    1st Mercedes Lewis, TE
    2nd Taitusi Lutui, OG
    3rd Roger McIntosh, LB

    Bengals (DT, S, TE, OG, DE)
    1st Brodrick Bunkley, DT
    2nd Donte Whitner, S
    3rd David Thomas, TE

    Bills (OT, DT, CB, FS, MLB)
    1st D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT
    2nd Jesse Mahelona, DT
    3rd Roman Harper, S
    3rd Brandon Johnson, LB

    Broncos (S, DT, DE, WR, TE)
    1st Vernon Davis, TE
    1st Marcus McNeil, OT
    2nd Orion Harris, DT
    3rd Greg Blue, S

    Browns (DT, OLB, OT, CB)
    1st Manny Lawson, DE/OLB
    2nd Rodrique Wright, DT
    3rd Richard Marshall, CB

    Bucs (LT, WR, CB, OG)
    1st Jonathan Scott, OT
    2nd Davin Joseph, OG
    3rd Cedric Griffin, CB

    Cardinals (LT, HB, TE, DE)
    1st Winston Justice, OT
    2nd Leonard Pope, TE
    3rd Jerome Harrison, HB
    Chargers (S, WR, OT, LB)
    1st Darnell Bing, FS
    2nd Charles Spencer, OT
    3rd Martin Nance, WR

    Chiefs (CB, WR, DT, ILB)
    1st Tye Hill, CB
    2nd Babetunde Oshinowo, DT
    3rd Hank Baskett, WR

    Colts (RB, LB, CB, OG)
    1st Laurence Maroney, HB
    2nd Spencer Havner, LB
    3rd Will Blackmon, CB

    Cowboys (FS, OT, WR, QB)
    1st Sinorice Moss, WR
    2nd Jason Allen, FS/CB
    3rd Paul Pinegar, QB

    Dolphins (QB, Oline, DE, OLB)
    1st Tambi Hali, DE
    2nd Omar Jacobs, QB
    3rd Nick Mangold, C

    Eagles (WR, DE, DT, OLB)
    1st Santonio Holmes, WR
    2nd Daryl Tapp, DE
    3rd Kedric Golston, DT

    Falcons (S, DE, RB, RT)
    1st Jimmy Williams, FS
    2nd Ryan O'Callaghan, OT
    3rd Maurice Stovall, WR

    49ers (WR, CB, Dline, RB, DE)
    1st Haloti Ngata, DT
    2nd Chad Jackson, WR
    3rd Alan Zemaitis, CB

    Giants (CB, LB, DT, WR, Oline)
    1st Bobby Carpenter, LB
    2nd DeMario Minter, CB
    3rd Kyle Williams, DT

    Jags (CB, TE, DE, LB)
    1st Ashton Youboty, CB
    2nd Ernie Sims, LB
    3rd Tim Day, TE

    Jets (RB, OT, DE, , QB, CB)
    1st Reggie Bush, HB
    3rd Jeremy Trueblood, OT

    Lions (QB, OT, DE)
    1st Mathias Kiwanuka, DE
    2nd Eric Winston, OT
    3rd Brodie Croyle, QB

    Packers (OLB, RB, OG, Dline)
    1st AJ Hawk, LB
    2nd Max Jean-Gilles, OG
    3rd Brian Calhoun, HB

    Panthers (TE, DT, RB, WR)
    1st Gabe Watson, DT
    2nd Anthony Fasano, TE
    3rd Devin Hester, WR/CB/KR

    Patriots (OLB, ILB, CB, WR)
    1st Chad Greenway, OLB
    2nd Charles Gordon, CB
    3rd Stephen Tulloch, ILB

    Raiders (LB, QB, Dline, S)
    1st Jay Cutler, QB
    2nd Thomas Howard, LB
    3rd Claude Wroten, DT

    Rams (CB, S, LB, DT, DE, TE)
    1st Michael Huff, FS
    2nd Dominique Byrd, TE
    3rd Ray Edwards, DE

    Ravens (RB, Oline, Dline, CB)
    1st LenDale White, HB
    2nd Andre Whitworth, OT

    Redskins (DE, WR, TE, OG)
    2nd Kamerion Wimbley, DE
    3rd Demetrius Williams, WR

    Saints (QB, LB, Dline, CB)
    1st Matt Leinart, QB
    2nd DeMeco Ryans, LB

    Seahawks (WR, LB, DB, QB)
    1st Ernie Sims, LB
    2nd Derek Hagan, WR
    3rd Anthony Smith, S

    Steelers (WR, RB, FS, CB, C)
    1st Antonio Cromartie, CB
    2nd Nate Salley, S
    3rd Greg Eslinger, C

    Titans (QB, LB, OT, CB)
    1st Vince Young, QB
    2nd Abdul Hodge, LB

    Vikings (RB, LB, S, )
    1st DeAngelo Williams, HB
    2nd D'Qwell Jackson, LB
    3rd Pat Watkins, S
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    The University of Texas
    I think that as a Texans fan I would be very very happy coming away from draft day with what you have described above. Most will say that a #4 and 35 arnt enough for the #1, but this seems to be the only way to trade down, and I think we come out better then before if we do this as opposed to drafting Reggie. I must admit that I know very little about Corey Rogers, but from the description you provided he seems like Jerom Mathis 2.0. I think you did a great job of filling holes on the offensive and defensive side of the ball for most teams, including ours. All is all, I think it would be a great draft, if we are able to pick up the late round players you have us taking.
  4. beerlover

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    works for me as well :) Mario Williams fills a huge need and gives our defensive line some flexabilty and depth. I would probably change your 2nd pick to Eric Winston because he has the size & experience to play LT. Leonard Pope would be too enticeing sitting there with that extra 2nd (from Mario trade) to pass on a target his size, my guess would be that he would lead the team in receptions with Kubiac on board and a real asset to Carr.
  5. travfrancis

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    May 1, 2004
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    bunkley isn't a 3-4 NT, gabe watson would be a great pick here.

    i would be pretty upset if we passed on leonard pope and d'qwell jackson...

    keep in mind that the raiders drafted a qb in the 3rd round i believe it was last year, they really likes walter's arm from what i've heard, they also seem surprisingly content with kerry collins.

    patriots would draft richard marshall in the 2nd round over charles gordon, marshall to the patriots is as close to a lock as it gets if he is still available when they pick, also a better choice at ILB for the pats in the 3rd would be gerris wilkerson or freddie roach, but thats nitpicking.

    you don't have the eagles taking a LB at all in the first day, this is a huge need for them and it will definitely be addressed. they took a wr last year in the first round so i'd change that pick.

    overall it is a really good mock, nice job.
  6. Bubbajwp

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    I would only change one minor thing and that is the bronco's taking Marcus McNiel. First I dont think he would fit very good into their scheme but I could be wrong. Second they already have a very good RT. http://www.denverbroncos.com/page.php?id=498&contentID=716

    IMO thier needs are S, DE, and WR because Smith is near the end of his career and Lelie underachieved last year.

    I would have added TE as a need but you got them Vernon Davis with there first pick so that is nolonger a need.
  7. kastofsna

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    Tampa, FL
    tamba hali fills a glaring need? DE is one of the better depth positions on the dolphins
  8. stonedtexansfan

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    If Nick Mangold falls to the 3rd round, and the Texans dont draft him they are more ignorant than people have given them credit for. And hes not fallin past pick 45, not around 75.
  9. travfrancis

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    yeah cory rodgers over nick mangold is wacky, i didnt notice that, mangold could go as early as the 1st round to the steelers.
  10. DominickDavisFan76

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    Us taking a CB in the 3rd round?
    Not sure about that one, cuz we could always get one out of FA (Ike Taylor) and we could get a save our 3rd for a linebacker, another offensive lineman, and I am not sure how good Bennie Joppru is going to be so we could even take a TE in the 3rd.
    Finally, im not sure what round this guy is supposed to go but he is some CB out of Maryland that runs a 4.21 (supposedly) he could be our 3rd CB that can cover probably any receiver in the NFL.

    Tell me what u guys think?

  11. travfrancis

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    May 1, 2004
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    ^ i think that jonathan joseph is a steal at the beg of the 3rd, and a #2 cb is a big need
  12. dcarey20

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    i agree about gabe watson. i have him going to the bengals in my draft

    watson is about 345 and would be perfect for 3-4
    bunkly is about 310 and is more of a 4-3 guy.

    i dont think 6 is too high for cutler, its just that i dont think the raiders would take him. they have needs on defense and they drafted andrew walter last year. they will see what they have with him.

    it is very hard to see maroney falling to 30. it would be almost impossible for the panthers or the jags to pass on him.

    kiwanuka at 9? his stock has really been falling and tamba hali is over him.

    ko simpson is ahead of darnell bing right now. bing is a late 1st rounder at best.

    unless marcedes lewis has an amazing combine, he wont go ahead of pope.

    calhoun in round 3? very hard to see. he has established himself as the #5 RB behind bush, white, williams, and maroney. he will go late 1st-early 2nd. maybe to the colts at 30, the jets at 36, or the pack at 37.

    there were some good picks, but more picks that didnt really make alot of sense.
  13. Coach C.

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    SE Houston
    DCarey I am behind pretty much everything you are saying. Bunkley dependion on how he does at the combine could be switched to SDE much like Gary Walker in his early years. He is that athletic. YOur cutler statement is right on, but I think after the top 2 qbs that he will fall. Arizona will think about it since they will be able to sit him, but I think they take Jacobs or Croyle in the second. Us taking College over Winston is crazy. That just does not even make sense. Kiwanuka will fall a decent bit due to his durability and combine. KO simpson you are right on. I mean only thing I can not agree with is calhoun in the first. think he is a second rounder at best. Him and Addai right now are fighting it out for that 5 spot.
  14. Maddict5

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    id like that draft...just a few changes...
    winston/pope instead of colledge
    mangold @ #66
  15. Bubbajwp

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    In the Warehouse
    You just changed 50% of his draft.
  16. dc_txtech

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    Round Rock
    Taurean Henderson in the seventh round?
    I see him giong in the 4th or 5th

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