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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexanSoldier, Dec 11, 2006.

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    Due to occupational choices this is the first season in three years that I can actually watch the game. I learned about the Mario Williams pick a few days after the draft (you can't always get updated info in Iraq) and I was devestated.

    FYI, I was a Reggie Bush guy but never once said Vince wasn't going to be great. As an A&M fan I had seen just how good Vince is at winning games based purly on guts and I (unlike most of my fellow ags) don't hold grudges against phenominal talent.

    I, like so many of you, spent the next four months convincing myself why it was a decent pick for our team. Boy was I wrong, and I am really disappointed in the team I am such a fan of. I'm not going to get into how dumb the pick was or how much David Carr sucks, I don't need to beat that dead horse, but as a fan I expect more from this franchise.

    It's sad to come home to find the fan base has turned on the team, but this is exactly what has happened. Don't believe me? Apparently you didn't read the Chronicle all week or keep up with the "Days until Vince Bowl" tracker or listen to 610/790. When our fish wrap is supporting the team that left town more than they do our team, something is seriously wrong.

    I don't know what McNair and Co. are thinking, but if this is their idea of what a franchise should be then they should have let LA have it.
    I support the Texans, I will continue to cheer for our local guys, but I'm a realist. Reality is piss poor personel choices have turned this team into a joke. Reality also is all hope isn't lost, the world isn't going to end, but now we're looking for success that isn't going to come for several more seasons. This franchise might be like the New Orleans Saints, that has a great team every few years. (Don't tell me how good the Saints are this year, I know, look at their history)

    I'm no expert and I'm not getting paid to produce a winning team but I know one thing, whatever you all think the Texans should do to fix this team (like drafting a new QB or Adrian Peterson) they aren't going to do it. History repeats itself, and don't be surprised when they take Leon Hall from Michigan and then pass on Kevin Kolb.

    Disgusted as I am, I'm still a Texan and I'll still show up and cheer for whomever they choose to field, but I no longer have faith that this organization knows what it takes to be a winning franchise.

    Or maybe we're just cursed.
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    Rep. coming your way, I like your ability to admit mistakes and not let your bias get in the way of rational thinking. Great post.

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