Free Safety: Louis Delmas vs. Sean Smith

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Who would you select?

  1. Louis Delmas

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  2. Sean Smith

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  3. Other

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  4. I wouldn't take a safety in the first round.

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  1. Hottoddie

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    May 8, 2004
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    Who would you choose? Delmas is a pure safety, but Smith has more size & gives you more versatility by having experience as a CB. They both have similar speed, very good hands, good range, good instincts, & support the run well.

    Both have the potential to be taken in the bottom of round 1. If the Texans trade down, as I believe they will (unless Orakpo or Raji are still there), they might be an option the team would consider. So the question is, which one would you select late in the 1st round?
  2. Mari-OWNED!

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    Houston, TX
    I wouldn't be opposed to the Texans trading down from #15 to the bottom of the 1st round and selecting a Safety. My vote goes to Louis Delmas just because I think he's the best Safety in this draft.

    What I think will happen though is the Texans will trade down and still get the guy they're looking at which is probably linebacker Clay Matthews.

    I'd almost be confident to say that Orakpo and Raji will definitely be gone before #15, but drafts can be unpredictable. The only reason I could see the Texans not trade down, is if Malcolm Jenkins slips, which is more believable than Raji or Orakpo.
  3. Lucky

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    I'm not sure either is a NFL free safety. Delmas is very active and flies to the ball with a bad attitude. But, he doesn't play the ball well in the air, and he takes bad angles. Delmas seems to be a strong safety, trapped in the body of a free safety.

    Sean Smith, on the other hand, may be a corner trapped in the body of a free safety. Although with the proliferation of big WRs in the league, Smith might become the prototype CB. He would bring the ball skills of a CB to the FS spot, but unlike Delmas, Smith is not the big hitter teams want at the safety position.

    I would probably choose Smith over Delmas, but either could become a good player for the Texans. I just think both are miscast at free safety.

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