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    Here is a list of all the free agents for 2006, assuming no one signs contract extensions or a new contract before the end of the year. The projected salary cap for next year is $92-$95 million for each team, and we've included what each team's salary cap mark will be assuming they do not resign, cut, or trade anyone, so you can get an idea of which teams will have available money for signing free agents or teams that will be short on money and likely have to cut more people. The players are listed by team and position and include the number of years they've been in the league, an arbitrary level of interest that teams will likely have in them, and their free agency status (restricted or unrestricted). Cadahnic and/or Coach C will be online tomorrow morning to break down the list with free agent that will likely resign with their teams or be released.
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    Pos Name Exp Int FA
    Baltimore - $77M
    CB Dale Carter 12 Low UFA
    CB Deion Sanders 14 Low UFA
    DE Anthony Weaver 4 Med UFA
    DE Jarret Johnson 3 Low RFA
    DT Ma'ake Kemoeatu 4 Low UFA
    DT Aubrayo Franklin 2 Low RFA
    K Aaron Elling 3 Low RFA
    LB Tommy Polley 5 Med UFA
    LB Bart Scott 4 Low UFA
    OT Tony Pashos 2 Low RFA
    P Dave Zastudil 4 Low UFA
    QB Anthony Wright 5 Low UFA
    RB Jamal Lewis 5 High UFA
    RB Ovie Mughelli 3 Low RFA
    RB Chester Taylor 4 High UFA
    RB Musa Smith 3 Low RFA
    S Chad Williams 4 Med UFA
    S Will Demps 4 Med UFA
    TE Darnell Dinkins 3 Low UFA
    TE Daniel Wilcox 2 Low RFA
    WR Patrick Johnson 7 Low UFA
    WR Randy Hymes 3 Low UFA
    Buffalo - $82M
    CB Nate Clements 5 High UFA
    LS Mike Schneck 7 Low UFA
    C Trey Teague 6 Med UFA
    CB Kevin Thomas 4 Low UFA
    DE Ryan Denney 4 Low UFA
    DT Justin Bannan 4 Low UFA
    DT Ron Edwards 5 Low UFA
    LB Angelo Crowell 3 Low RFA
    LB Mario Haggan 2 Med RFA
    LB Josh Stamer 3 Low RFA
    QB Shane Matthews 9 Low UFA
    WR Sam Aiken 3 Low RFA
    Cincinnati - $71M
    CB Reggie Myles Low UFA
    CB Rashad Bauman 4 Low UFA
    DE Carl Powell 6 Low UFA
    FB Jeremi Johnson 3 Med RFA
    FB Nick Luchey 7 Med UFA
    G Scott Kooistra 3 Low RFA
    LB Marcus Wilkins 4 Low UFA
    LB Hannibal Navies 7 Low UFA
    LB Nate Webster 6 Med UFA
    QB Jon Kitna 9 Med UFA
    RB Kenny Watson 4 Low UFA
    S Ifeanyi Ohalete 5 Low UFA
    S Anthony Mitchell 6 Low UFA
    TE Matt Schobel 4 Med UFA
    TE Tony Stewart 5 Low UFA
    WR Kevin Walter 3 Low RFA
    WR Kelley Washington 3 Low RFA
    Cleveland - $61M
    C Mike Pucillo 3 Low UFA
    CB Leigh Bodden 3 Low RFA
    CB Ray Mickens 9 Low UFA
    DE Orpheus Roye 10 Low UFA
    DT Ethan Kelley 1 Low RFA
    LB Andra Davis 4 High UFA
    LB Ben Taylor 4 Low UFA
    LB Orlando Ruff 7 Low UFA
    OT L.J. Shelton 7 Med UFA
    P Kyle Richardson 8 Low UFA
    S Antwan Harris 5 Low UFA
    TE Aaron Shea 6 Med UFA
    WR Antonio Bryant 4 Med UFA
    Denver - $119M
    DE Marco Coleman 14 Low UFA
    DT Monsanto Pope 4 Low UFA
    DT Demtrin Veal 3 Low RFA
    LB Keith Burns 12 Low UFA
    LB Patrick Chukwurah 4 Low UFA
    RB Charlie Adams 3 Low RFA
    RB Ron Dayne 5 Med UFA
    S Sam Brandon 4 Low UFA
    LS Mike Leach. 6 Low UFA
    Houston - $78M
    CB Jason Bell 5 Low UFA
    G Fred Weary 3 Low UFA
    G Milford Brown 3 Low UFA
    LB Shantee Orr 3 Med RFA
    LB Dashon Polk 6 Low UFA
    LB Antwan Peek 3 Med RFA
    LB Frank Chamberlin 5 Low UFA
    LB Troy Evans 4 Low UFA
    LS Bryan Pittman 3 Low RFA
    OT Seth Wand 3 Low RFA
    QB Dave Ragone 3 Low RFA
    RB Jonathan Wells 4 Low UFA
    S Ramon Walker 3 Low UFA
    TE Matt Murphy 3 Low UFA
    WR Corey Bradford 7 Low UFA
    WR Jabar Gaffney 4 Med UFA
    WR Derick Armstrong 3 Low RFA
    Indianapolis - $92M
    DE Raheem Brock 4 Med UFA
    DE Robert Mathis 3 Med RFA
    DT Larry Tripplett 4 Med UFA
    FB James Mungro 4 Low UFA
    K Mike Vanderjagt 8 High UFA
    LB David Thornton 4 Med UFA
    LB Gary Brackett 3 Low RFA
    LB Cato June 3 Med RFA
    LB Rob Morris 6 Low UFA
    LB Keith O'Neil 3 Low RFA
    LB Rocky Calmus 4 Low UFA
    OT Makoa Freitas 3 Low RFA
    RB Edgerrin James 7 High UFA
    S Joseph Jefferson 3 Low UFA
    S Gerome Sapp 3 Low RFA
    WR Reggie Wayne 5 High UFA
    WR Troy Walters 6 Low UFA
    WR Aaron Moorehead 3 Low RFA
    WR Brad Pyatt 3 Low RFA
    Jacksonville - $75M
    C Dennis Norman 1 Low UFA
    CB Kenny Wright 7 Low UFA
    CB Terry Cousin 9 Low UFA
    DE Marcellus Wiley 9 Med UFA
    DT Rob Meier 6 Low UFA
    G Vince Manuwai 3 Med RFA
    LB Akin Ayodele 4 Med UFA
    LB Tracy White 3 Low RFA
    LB Tony Gilbert 3 Low RFA
    LB Jamie Winborn 5 Low UFA
    OT Mike Pearson 4 Med UFA
    OT Ephraim Salaam 8 Low UFA
    RB LaBrandon Toefield 3 Low RFA
    S Deke Cooper 4 Low UFA
    TE George Wrighster 3 Med RFA
    WR Cortez Hankton 3 Low RFA
    Kansas City - $114M
    CB DeWayne Washington 12 Low UFA
    DE Jimmy Wilkerson 3 Low RFA
    DE Carlos Hall 4 Med UFA
    DT Lional Dalton 7 Low UFA
    FB Tony Richardson 11 Low UFA
    OT Jordan Black 2 Low RFA
    QB Todd Collins 10 Low UFA
    QB Damon Huard 7 Low UFA
    LS Kendall Gammon. 14 Low UFA
    WR Chris Horn 2 Low RFA
    WR Marc Boerigter 3 Low UFA
    Miami - $97M
    FB Sammy Morris 6 Low UFA
    LB Jason Glenn 5 Low UFA
    C Seth McKinney 4 Med UFA
    CB Kiwaukee Thomas 6 Low UFA
    LB Nick Rogers 4 Low UFA
    OL Stocker McDougle 6 Low UFA
    OL Alonzo Ephraim 3 Low RFA
    QB Sage Rosenfels 4 Med UFA
    RB Travis Minor 5 Low UFA
    S Lance Schulters 8 Med UFA
    S Yeremiah Bell 2 Low RFA
    WR Bryan Gilmore 5 Low UFA
    WR David Boston 6 Low UFA
    WR Kendall Newson. 2 Low UFA
    N.Y. Jets - $120M
    LB Kenyatta Wright 5 Low UFA
    QB Vinny Testaverde 18 Low UFA
    DE John Abraham 6 High UFA
    DT James Reed 5 Low UFA
    G Jonathan Goodwin 4 Low UFA
    OT Scott Gragg 11 Low UFA
    QB Kliff Kingsbury 1 Low RFA
    TE Chris Baker 4 Med UFA
    New England - $92M
    FB Heath Evans 5 Low UFA
    G Stephen Neal 3 Low UFA
    LB Don Davis 10 Low UFA
    QB Doug Flutie 12 Low UFA
    CB Hank Poteat 4 Low UFA
    CB Chad Scott 8 Med UFA
    K Adam Vinatieri 10 High UFA
    LB Matt Chatham 6 Low UFA
    OT Tom Ashworth 3 Med UFA
    RB Mike Cloud 7 Low UFA
    S Michael Stone 4 Low UFA
    TE Christian Fauria 11 Low UFA
    WR David Givens 4 Med UFA
    WR Tim Dwight 8 Low UFA
    WR Troy Brown 13 Low UFA
    WR Andre' Davis 4 Low UFA
    WR Cedric James Low UFA
    Oakland - $120M
    CB Reynaldo Hill 5 Low UFA
    CB Charles Woodson 8 High UFA
    DT Terdell Sands 3 Low UFA
    DT Edward Jasper 9 Low UFA
    DT Kenny Smith. 4 Low UFA
    G Corey Hulsey 4 Low UFA
    LB Grant Irons 3 Low UFA
    LB DeLawrence Grant 4 Low UFA
    LB Tim Johnson 4 Med UFA
    OT Chad Slaughter 3 Low UFA
    RB Omar Easy 4 Low UFA
    S Reggie Tongue 10 Low UFA
    S Jarrod Cooper 5 Low UFA
    TE Zeron Flemister 5 Low UFA
    WR Randal Williams 4 Low UFA
    Pittsburgh - $96M
    TE Jerame Tuman 7 Low UFA
    CB Ike Taylor 3 Med RFA
    CB DeShea Townsend 8 Low UFA
    DE Kimo von Oelhoffen 12 Low UFA
    LB Brett Keisel 3 Low UFA
    LB Clint Kriewaldt 7 Low UFA
    OT Barrett Brooks 10 Low UFA
    QB Charlie Batch 6 Low UFA
    RB Verron Haynes 4 Low UFA
    S Chris Hope 4 Med UFA
    WR Antwaan Randle El 4 Med UFA
    WR Quincy Morgan 5 Low UFA
    WR Sean Morey 3 Low UFA
    San Diego - $71M
    CB Jamar Fletcher 5 Med UFA
    DE DeQuincy Scott 4 Low UFA
    DE Jacques Cesaire 3 Low RFA
    FB Andrew Pinnock 2 Low RFA
    G Kris Dielman 3 Low RFA
    G Bob Hallen 8 Low UFA
    LB Ben Leber 4 Med UFA
    LB Matt Wilhelm 2 Low RFA
    LB Stephen Cooper 3 Low RFA
    LB Carlos Polk 4 Low UFA
    OT Courtney Van Buren 3 Med RFA
    QB Drew Brees 5 High UFA
    S Clinton Hart 3 Low RFA
    TE Justin Peelle 4 Low UFA
    WR Reche Caldwell 4 Med UFA
    WR Kassim Osgood 3 Low RFA
    Tennessee - $102M
    C Justin Hartwig 4 Med UFA
    CB Tony Beckham 4 Low UFA
    DE Kyle Vanden Bosch 4 Med UFA
    LB Brad Kassell 4 Low UFA
    LB Rocky Boiman 4 Low UFA
    LS Jon Dorenbos 3 Low RFA
    S Tank Williams 4 Med UFA
    S Donnie Nickey 3 Low RFA
    Arizona - $62M
    CB Robert Tate 8 Low UFA
    CB Raymond Walls 5 Low UFA
    DE Ross Kolodziej 3 Low UFA
    DE Antonio Cochran Low UFA
    DE R-Kal Truluck 4 Low UFA
    DE Kenny King 3 Low RFA
    DT Russel Davis 7 Low UFA
    DT Langston Moore 3 Low RFA
    FB Obafemi Ayanbadejo 6 Low UFA
    FB Jarrod Baxter 3 Low RFA
    FB Harald Morrow 10 Low UFA
    G Reggie Wells 3 Low RFA
    LB Gerald Hayes 3 Low RFA
    OL Adam Haayer 3 Low UFA
    OL Ian Allen 4 Low UFA
    OL Billy Conaty 9 Low UFA
    QB Kurt Warner 7 Med UFA
    QB Josh McCown 4 Med UFA
    RB James Jackson 5 Low UFA
    RB J.R. Redmond 5 Low UFA
    S Quentin Harris 4 Low UFA
    TE Teyo Johnson 3 Med RFA
    WR J.J. Moses 3 Low RFA
    WR Reggie Swinton 5 Low UFA
    Atlanta - $101M
    C Austin King 2 Low RFA
    DE Antwan Lake 3 Med UFA
    FB Fred McCrary 9 Low UFA
    K Todd Peterson 11 Low UFA
    LB Artie Ulmer 7 Low UFA
    LB Erik Flowers 6 Low UFA
    OT Kevin Shaffer 4 Med UFA
    OT Barry Stokes 6 Med UFA
    QB Ty Detmer 9 Low UFA
    S Keion Carpenter 6 Med UFA
    S Ronnie Heard 6 Low UFA
    S Kevin McCadam 4 Low UFA
    S Antuan Edwards 7 Low UFA
    S Omare Lowe 3 Low UFA
    WR Dez White 6 Low UFA
    WR Jerome Pathon 8 Low UFA
    Carolina - $93M
    C Jeff Mitchell 8 Med UFA
    CB Dante Wesley 4 Med UFA
    CB Ricky Manning 3 Med RFA
    DE Kemp Rasmussen 4 Low UFA
    DT Kindal Moorehead 3 Low RFA
    G Tutan Reyes 3 Low UFA
    LB Will Witherspoon 4 High UFA
    LB Vinny Ciurciu 3 Low RFA
    OL Matt Hill 4 Low UFA
    OT Todd Fordham 7 Low UFA
    P Jason Baker 5 Low UFA
    QB Chris Weinke 3 Low UFA
    RB Ricky Proehl 16 Retired UFA
    RB DeShaun Foster 3 High UFA
    S Marlon McCree 5 Med UFA
    S Idrees Bashir 5 Low UFA
    S Colin Branch 3 Low RFA
    TE Mike Seidman 3 Low RFA
    WR Rod Gardner 5 Med UFA
    Chicago - $75M
    C Roberto Garza 5 Med UFA
    CB Jerry Azumah 7 Med UFA
    G Terrence Metcalf 4 Low UFA
    LB Hunter Hillenmeyer 3 Med RFA
    LB Marcus Reese 3 Low RFA
    OT John St. Clair 4 Low UFA
    QB Jeff Blake 13 Low UFA
    TE John Gilmore 4 Low UFA
    TE Gabe Reid 3 Low RFA
    Dallas - $90M
    DT Willie Blade Low UFA
    LB Scott Fujita 4 Med UFA
    LB Scott Shanle 3 Low RFA
    LB Eric Ogbogu 7 Low UFA
    OT Torrin Tucker 3 Low RFA
    OT Ethan Brooks Low UFA
    S Keith Davis 3 Low RFA
    S Willie Pile 2 Low RFA
    S Lynn Scott 5 Low UFA
    TE Dan Campbell 7 Med UFA
    WR Peerless Price 6 Med UFA
    Detroit - $83M
    C Brock Gutierrez 8 Low UFA
    CB Andre' Goodman 4 Low UFA
    CB R.W. McQuarters 8 Low UFA
    DE Cory Redding 3 Med RFA
    DE Jared DeVries 6 Low UFA
    DE Kalimba Edwards 4 Low UFA
    FB Paul Smith 5 Low UFA
    G Kyle Kosier 4 Low UFA
    G Tyrone Hopson Low UFA
    LB Earl Holmes 10 Low UFA
    LB James Davis 3 Low RFA
    LB Wali Rainer 7 Low UFA
    LB Nate Wayne 7 Low UFA
    OT Jeff Backus 5 High UFA
    QB Jeff Garcia 7 Med UFA
    RB Shawn Bryson 6 Low UFA
    RB Artose Pinner 3 Low RFA
    S Terrence Holt 3 Low RFA
    S Bracy Walker 12 Low UFA
    S Vernon Fox 4 Low UFA
    TE Casey Fitzsimmons 3 Low RFA
    WR Troy Edwards 7 Low UFA
    WR Kevin Johnson 7 Low UFA
    Green Bay - $70M
    C Mike Flanagan 8 Med UFA
    DE Aaron Kampman 4 Med UFA
    DE Kenny Peterson 3 Low RFA
    DT Grady Jackson 9 Low UFA
    FB William Henderon 11 Low UFA
    G Grey Ruegamer 6 Low UFA
    K Ryan Longwell 9 Med UFA
    LB Paris Lenon 4 Low UFA
    LS Rob Davis 10 Low UFA
    OT Kevin Barry 4 Med UFA
    QB Craig Nall 2 Low UFA
    RB Tony Fisher 4 Low UFA
    RB Najeh Davenport 4 Med UFA
    RB Ahman Green 8 Med UFA
    S Earl Little 6 Low UFA
    Minnesota - $68M
    C Melvin Fowler 4 Med UFA
    C Cory Withrow 6 Low UFA
    CB Brian Williams 4 Low UFA
    CB Ralph Brown 5 Low UFA
    DE Lance Johnstone 10 Low UFA
    G Toniu Fonoti 3 Med UFA
    K Paul Edinger 6 Low UFA
    LB Keith Newman 7 Low UFA
    LB Sam Cowart 7 Low UFA
    LB Raonall Smith 3 Low UFA
    QB Shaun Hill 1 Low UFA
    RB Michael Bennett 5 Med UFA
    RB Moe Williams 10 Low UFA
    S Corey Chavous 8 Med UFA
    S Willie Offord 4 Low UFA
    WR Nate Burleson 3 Med RFA
    WR Koren Robinson 5 Low UFA
    N.Y. Giants - $89M
    CB Will Allen 5 Med UFA
    CB Frank Walker 3 Low RFA
    DT Kendrick Clancy 6 Med UFA
    DT Kenderick Allen 3 Low RFA
    LB Nick Greisen 4 Low UFA
    OT Bob Whitfield 14 Low UFA
    QB Tim Hasselbeck 3 Med UFA
    RB Chad Morton 6 Low UFA
    TE Visanthe Shiancoe 3 Med RFA
    TE Sean Berton 3 Low RFA
    WR Tim Carter 4 Low UFA
    WR David Tyree 3 Low RFA
    WR Willie Ponder 3 Low RFA
    New Orleans - $82M
    C/G LeCharles Bentley 4 High UFA
    CB Fakhir Brown 6 Med UFA
    DE Willie Whitehead 7 Low UFA
    DE Darren Howard 6 High UFA
    FB Fred McAfee 14 Low UFA
    G Montrae Holland 3 Low RFA
    LB Sedrick Hodge 5 Med UFA
    LB Ronald McKinnon 10 Low UFA
    LB T.J. Slaughter 6 Low UFA
    LB James Allen 4 Low UFA
    RB Antowain Smith 9 Low UFA
    RB Anthony Thomas 5 Low UFA
    S Mel Mitchell 3 Low UFA
    TE Zach Hilton 2 Low RFA
    TE Lamont Hall 6 Low UFA
    WR Az-Zahir Hakim 8 Low UFA
    WR Michael Lewis 5 Low UFA
    Philadelphia - $85M
    CB Roderick Hood 3 Low RFA
    DE N.D. Kalu 8 Low UFA
    DE Juqua Thomas 5 Low UFA
    K Jose Cortez 4 Low UFA
    LB Keith Adams 5 Low UFA
    LB Zeke Moreno 5 Low UFA
    P Dirk Johnson 3 Low RFA
    RB Lamar Gordon 4 Low UFA
    RB Reno Mahe 3 Low RFA
    S Quintin Mikell 3 Low RFA
    T Jon Runyan 10 Med UFA
    TE Chad Lewis 8 Low UFA
    WR Darnerian McCants 4 Low UFA
    San Francisco - $74M
    OT Anthony Clement 6 Low UFA
    CB Willie Middlebrooks Low UFA
    DE Travis Hall 10 Low UFA
    FB Fred Beasley 8 Low UFA
    FB Chris Hetherington 10 Low UFA
    K Joe Nedney 8 Low UFA
    LB Julian Peterson 6 High UFA
    LB Brandon Moore 4 Med UFA
    LB Derek Smith 9 Med UFA
    QB Ken Dorsey 3 Low RFA
    QB Jesse Palmer Low UFA
    RB Steve Bush 9 Low UFA
    TE Trent Smith 3 Low RFA
    WR Arnaz Battle 3 Low RFA
    WR Brandon Lloyd 3 Med RFA
    WR Jason McAddley 3 Low UFA
    Seattle - $71M
    CB Jimmy Williams 5 Low UFA
    CB Kevin House Low UFA
    DE Rodney Bailey 4 Low UFA
    DE Joe Tafoya 4 Low UFA
    DT Rocky Bernard 4 High UFA
    FB Mack Strong 12 Low UFA
    G Steve Hutchinson 5 High UFA
    K Josh Brown 3 Med RFA
    LB Kevin Bentley 4 Low UFA
    OT Wayne Hunter 3 Low RFA
    P Tom Rouen 13 Low UFA
    QB Seneca Wallace 3 Low RFA
    RB Shaun Alexander 6 High UFA
    RB Maurice Morris 4 Low UFA
    S Marquand Manuel 4 Low UFA
    S John Howell 5 Low UFA
    TE Ryan Hannam 4 Low UFA
    WR Joe Jurevicius 8 Med UFA
    WR Peter Warrick 6 Low UFA
    WR Jerheme Urban 3 Low RFA
    St. Louis - $76M
    C Andy McCollum 11 Low UFA
    CB Dejuan Groce 3 Low RFA
    CB Corey Ivy 4 Low UFA
    CB Chris Johnson 3 Low RFA
    CB Terry Fair 6 Low UFA
    DE Tyoka Jackson 11 Low UFA
    DE Brandon Green 3 Low RFA
    DT Ryan Pickett 5 Med UFA
    DT Damione Lewis 5 Med UFA
    FB Chris Massey 5 Low UFA
    G Tom Nutten 7 Low UFA
    LB Trev Faulk 2 Low UFA
    OT Rex Tucker 6 Low UFA
    P Bryan Barker 16 Low UFA
    QB Jamie Martin 7 Low UFA
    RB Arlen Harris 3 Low RFA
    RB Aveion Cason 5 Low UFA
    RB David Allen 3 Low RFA
    S Adam Archuleta 5 High UFA
    S Mike Furrey 3 Med RFA
    TE Brandon Manumaleuna 5 Med UFA
    TE Cameron Cleeland 7 Low UFA
    TE Roland Williams 7 Low UFA
    WR Shaun McDonald 3 Med RFA
    WR Kevin Curtis 3 Med RFA
    Tampa Bay - $100M
    CB Torrie Cox 2 Low RFA
    CB Juran Bolden 8 Low UFA
    DT Chris Hovan 6 Med UFA
    FB Jameel Cook 5 Low UFA
    G Sean Mahan 3 Low RFA
    K Matt Bryant 4 Low UFA
    OT Todd Steussie 12 Med UFA
    QB Chris Simms 3 Med RFA
    S Dexter Jackson 7 Med UFA
    TE Dave Moore 14 Low UFA
    WR Ike Hilliard 8 Low UFA
    WR Edell Shepherd 2 Low RFA
    Washington - $112M
    CB Ade Jimoh 3 Low RFA
    DE Demetric Evans 4 Low UFA
    DT Cedric Killings 3 Low RFA
    G Ray Brown 18 Low UFA
    LB Khary Campbell 4 Low UFA
    LB Warrick Holdman 7 Med UFA
    LS Ethan Albright 11 Low UFA
    RB Rock Cartwright 4 Med UFA
    S Ryan Clark 4 Low UFA
    S Omar Stoutmire 8 Low UFA
    TE Robert Royal 4 Low UFA
    TE Brian Kozlowski 12 Low UFA
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    I do not guarantee the complete accuracy of this list as I got the information off of various websites, but it shows the players that could be available to us in this offseason. With that, I plan to go to bed and leave it to cadahnic and coach c to expand on this list tomorrow with their opinions.
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    Very nice work, appreciated as always. My opinion from skimming over the list of who I would like our front office to persue. (If one is signed, we stop persuing the others at that position. I am not saying I want all of them. I will but in bold the ones I would like to really see on our team next year.

    G Steve Hutchinson 5 High UFA
    CB Nate Clements 5 High UFA
    LB Cato June 3 Med RFA

    DE Carlos Hall 4 Med UFA
    DE John Abraham 6 High UFA
    K Adam Vinatieri 10 High UFA
    CB Jamar Fletcher 5 Med UFA
    LB Rocky Boiman 4 Low UFA
    S Tank Williams 4 Med UFA
    C Jeff Mitchell 8 Med UFA
    LB Will Witherspoon 4 High UFA
    CB Ricky Manning 3 Med RFA
    C Roberto Garza 5 Med UFA
    DE Cory Redding 3 Med RFA
    G Toniu Fonoti 3 Med UFA
    WR Koren Robinson 5 Low UFA
    DT Kendrick Clancy 6 Med UFA
    C/G LeCharles Bentley 4 High UFA
    DE Darren Howard 6 High UFA
    LB Sedrick Hodge 5 Med UFA
    LB Julian Peterson 6 High UFA
    DE Joe Tafoya 4 Low UFA
    DT Rocky Bernard 4 High UFA
    WR Peter Warrick 6 Low UFA
    DT Ryan Pickett 5 Med UFA
    S Adam Archuleta 5 High UFA
    TE Brandon Manumaleuna 5 Med UFA
    WR Kevin Curtis 3 Med RFA
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    Ashworth on NE is pretty good right?

    Maybe he could come in and be our RT
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    Good Post!!
    Awesome research!

    Did anyone else notice how few OLineman were on the list? Teams seem to get good lineman and hang on to them!

    Finding good linemen is like a needle in the haystack.

    Bobby 119C:brickwall
  7. Wharton

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    Aug 28, 2005
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    Amen brother!
  8. HJam72

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    Aug 28, 2004
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    Over here.
    No, but you certainly are right about that.
  9. ArlingtonTexan

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    May 3, 2004
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    Pinning @ the top of the NFL section as a resource.
  10. MorKnolle

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    Good idea, thanks. I thought about posting it here but I figured I'd put it in the bull pen first so more people would actually see it and then you guys could move it to wherever you deemed appropriate.

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    I did one last year about this same time and it was on my "to do list" to search for a complete in reality thank you.
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    Straight Outta Austin
    Well done once again.
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    SE Houston
    Mork here is the rest of the thread. This is a look at some FAs that could find other places and might be of interest to the Texans. The main guys that I would look at are Steve Hutchinson, LeCharles Bentley, Chris Baker, Teyo Johnson, Peerless Price, and Rod Garder. The latter of this list would be only if Gaffney leaves. I think Gaffney has T.J. Housh type of potential if used in the right way.
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    SE Houston
    New England
    David Givens WR- solid receiver who should get a decent run in free agency
    Tom Ashworth OT- veteran tackle that has played many line positions on a winning team
    Chad Scott CB- veteran tweener that can play corner or FS
    Seth McKinney C- the younger brother who has started at center his whole career
    Sage Rosenfals QB- a solid back up quarterback
    Lance Shulters S- veteran safety that may not be released, but will get a run in FA if he gets free of Miami
    Trey Teague C- solid center that could be brought in for competition, doubt he gets free of Buffalo
    Mario Haggan LB- young athletic linebacker that will be kept in buffalo for cheap
    John Abraham DE/OLB- Pro-bowler that could be signed or franchised again, could be used as possible trade bait
    Chris Baker TE- young blocking/receiving TE that could prove useful to any team
    Antwaan Randle El WR- fast WR and return threat, doubt he will leave Pitt, but he could be asking for more than he is worth, a glorified slot receiver
    Ike Taylor CB- solid CB, which could add depth to any team
    Chris Hope S- good FS who is athletic, can cover, and will hit
    Antonio Bryant WR- young receiver that has talent, but has displayed attitude problems
    L.J. Shelton OT- young tackle that could provide depth or even a starter at the RT spot
    Aaron Shea TE- proven TE that will likely be the odd man out in Cleveland a solid blocker and underrated receiver
    Andra Davis LB- a young solid LB that is a tackling machine fast enough to play OLB in a 4-3 and a solid run stuffer in a 3-4. May not get away from Cleveland, but would definitely be on the radar even though would get a contract similar to Greenwood
    Jeremi Johnson FB- solid FB that consistently opens holes for Rudi Johnson also a pass-catching threat
    Matt Schobel TE- solid blocking TE and underrated pass catcher will not stretch the defense
    Jon Kitna QB- a solid veteran backup that has starting experience
    Nate Webster LB- a solid veteran LB more depth for any team
    Jamal Lewis RB- Likely will be let go by Baltimore, should have a good year next year and get a solid run in FA
    Chester Taylor RB- has really shown his talent this year and will likely be resigned by Baltimore
    Anthony Weaver DE- a solid DE that translates well in any defense, much more of a run stopper than pass rusher
    Tommy Polley LB- a veteran LB that is still very athletic could be a late FA acquisition for a team or resigned
    Chad Williams S- a solid Safety that ball hawks
    Will Demps S- a solid SS that enjoys making the big hit
    Reggie Wayne WR- big time #2 receiver that will be odd man out in Indy will look for a team he can be #1, could possibly land in Philly
    Raheem Brock DE- 7th round pick that has exceeded expectations is a solid starter on a good defense
    David Thornton LB- a solid LB that is a solid tackler
    Robert Mathis DE- undersized DE that uses his speed to pile up sacks, might translate to an OLB in another system
    Vince Manuwai G- solid guard that could provide depth for any team
    Mike Pearson OT- a decent RT that has had some injury problems
    Akin Ayodele LB- good LB that can play DE or LB, young and athletic
    Marcellus Wiley DE- veteran DE that has not gotten back to his level of play in his prime
    Jabar Gaffney WR- solid WR, good hands and decent speed, might leave for a larger role, but likely to stay with new system on the horizon
    Shantee Orr LB- solid LB that is undersized, but has proven to have good talent
    Antwan Peek LB- athletic LB that could play DE makes a lot of mistakes but likely will be back
    Justin Hartwig C- a good C that is young and if not resigned could get a good run in FA
    Kyle Vanden Bosch DE- veteran that has really come on this year and is leading the league in sacks should be resigned, but Tennessee’s cap situation could let this guy get away
    Tank Williams S- hard-hitting athletic safety that will get a good run in FA
    Kansas City
    Carlos Hall DE-fast, athletic DE that KC will likely resign
    San Diego
    Jamal Fletcher CB- a decent cover corner who plays quite physical
    Courtney Van Buren OT- solid tackle that has played RT and LT
    Peerless Price WR- a bust in Atlanta, but a proven #2 guy, could be a solid replacement for Gaffney if he leaves
    Dan Campbell TE- solid blocking/receiving TE
    Scott Fujita LB- smart LB that succeeds in blitzing and run stopping
    Jon Runyan OT- veteran tackle that has performed at a high level for 10 years
    N.Y. Giants
    Visanthe Shiancoe TE- pass-catching TE that could be looking for brighter horizons
    Kendrick Clancy DT- Big run stuffing DT, played well in Pittsburgh and is solid in NY
    Will Allen CB- fast corner that can stay with any receiver may be suspect if asked to come up and stop the run
    Corey Chavous S- solid veteran safety that enjoys staying up in the box
    Terrance Metcalf G- young guard/center that could provide decent depth for any team strong run blocker
    Roberto Garza G/C- a good run blocker that started for a year in Atlanta, versatile player
    Hunter Hillenmeyer LB- a good young LB that is a big part of Chicago’s improved defense; will likely not get away from Chicago
    Jerry Azumah CB- veteran corner that has return abilities
    Jeff Backus OT- good OL that has been a solid starter
    Green Bay
    Mike Flanagan C- good C that has been solid for Green Bay’s underachieving line may not get free from GB
    Kevin Barry OT- solid young tackle that has played well every time he gets PT
    Aaron Kampman DE- hard working DE that has a non-stop motor, his work ethic make up for a lack of athleticism
    Jeff Mitchell C- veteran center that will likely be brought back to the panthers
    Rod Gardner WR- big receiver that played ok in Washington, but has been unproductive in Carolina, has had attitude problems
    Will Witherspoon LB- young, fast, athletic LB that would be a solid contributor on any team
    Dante Wesley CB- veteran corner that is solid, but unimpressive
    Ricky Manning CB- young corner that is solid in coverage and good in run support, was huge in the Panthers SB run
    New Orleans
    LeCharles Bentley C/G-Pro Bowler at guard and center, rumored not to be happy in NO, but could cost a pretty penny since he is just hitting his prime
    Darren Howard DE- athletic pass rushing DE may get free of NO since the emergence of Will Smith
    Fakhir Brown CB- solid veteran corner that is decent in coverage
    Tampa Bay
    Dexter Jackson S- good safety that has played well over his career, not sure if he will be let go or not
    Kevin Shaffer OT- undersized tackle that has done well in Alex Gibbs system; has trouble against the bull rush, but is a solid pass protector
    Barry Stokes OT- another solid pass-protector, but has a mauler mentality
    Antwan Lake DE- young DE that has started to come into his own
    Teyo Johnson TE- pass-catching TE that had a falling out with the Raiders, should find a home in FA due to his ability to stretch the defense
    St. Louis
    Adam Archuleta S- Pro-bowl safety that has played well most of his career, should be resigned by St. Lou
    Damione Lewis DT- One-gap DT that has played a two-gap technique and been relatively successful
    Steve Hutchinson G/T- Pro Bowler that can play RT or G; successful and may not be able to be kept in Seattle a good run blocker will get good money if he hits FA
    Rocky Bernard DT- young DT that consistently collapses the pocket will likely be resigned in Seattle
    San Francisco
    Julian Peterson LB- Pro-Bowl LB that has tons of talent, wants a long term deal and will cost a lot of cap if he hits FA
    Brandon Moore LB- solid veteran LB should provide decent depth for any team
    Derek M. Smith LB- emerged as a solid middle LB and effective run stopper in the middle of S.F. 3-4 system.
  15. Coach C.

    Coach C. Hall of Fame

    Sep 30, 2005
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    SE Houston
    the guys that are in bold are guys that I think will be able to shake free of their teams and could be interesting players in FA. Notably Ricky Manning, Bentley, Witherspoon, and Andra Davis would be great guys to bring in. Doubt we could afford it though, because each would get at least Kailee Wong's deal. Ricky Manning, Bentley, and Andra Davis I think should be seriously looked at though.
  16. MorKnolle

    MorKnolle Hall of Fame

    Apr 23, 2005
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    Looks like Andra Davis is off the list of free agents, he was just signed to a five year extension. It should be a busy couple weeks for resigning people before the Dec. 31 deadline.
  17. aj.

    aj. Hall of Fame

    Apr 30, 2004
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    What deadline would that be?
  18. MorKnolle

    MorKnolle Hall of Fame

    Apr 23, 2005
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    If a player's contract is running out at the end of the year, their team has until December 31st to resign them otherwise they cannot resign them until the offseason and they would become a free agent, so there should be a decent number of players getting resigned before that deadline.
  19. aj.

    aj. Hall of Fame

    Apr 30, 2004
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    Teams have until March 2 - the day player contracts expire - to sign or offer tenders to their own players who are scheduled to become free agents in '06. Free agency begins March 3.

    Transition and f-tag players have to be designated about a week before that.
  20. Coach C.

    Coach C. Hall of Fame

    Sep 30, 2005
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    SE Houston
    AJ, Mork was speaking of the fact that you cannot make signings after Dec. 31st until the offseason begins. Meaning that when the season offiicially ends then they can be resigned.

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