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    Well for a change of pace instead of posting another bush vs. young thread, i will post an optimistic thread about who you think will become franchise qbs for the variouse NFL teams through the draft and free agency. This should be interesting...

    David Carr - Houstons - I believe the texans will stick it out with Carr and finally allow him to develop into the QB he was destined to be with the help of an improved OL and runnings backs Bush and Davis splitting runs.

    Jay Cutler - Miami - Dolphins are gonna pick him up at 16th pick and hes going to be the bust of the 2006 draft. Miami will realy on their running game for quite some time...

    Troy Smith - Arizona - I believe him to be the outburst star in the 2007 draft taken by the Arizona Cardinals. With two stud WR (Fitzgerald and Boldin) he will flourish in the arid climate of Arizona and lead his team to the super bowl in his third year. He will prove to be a pro bowler along with his two wide outs.

    Vince Young - Titans - Titans will pick him up as the #3 pick in the 2006 draft and he will sit on the bench as McNair finishes his last season as a Titan. After training under McNair i believe Vince will be an awsome scrambling qb whos favorite target will be the TE Ben Troup.

    Matt Leinart - Saints - Saints will pick him up at #2 and he will instantly add some swagger to the New Orleans saints, especially when they relocate in the west... His immediate favorite target will be Joe Horn.

    Omar Jacobs - Ravens - He will be the forgotten QB in the 2007 draft, and will be drafted by the Ravens to compliment their veteran wide recievers. He will be effective in the NFL but post relatively modest numbers due to a certain running back also in baltimore.


    D.J. Shockely - ??? - I believe this guy has what it takes to make a good qb. But i dont think he will get the chance to prove himself. But if he does i believe he could be the next Tom Brady....
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