Fortune or Glory?

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    Athletes in the NFL fall into 1 of 2 camps: Fortune Hunters or Glory Hounds. The difference between the two? Fortune hunters are in the NFL so that they can own $500,000 cars, mansions and have the perks of being a highly visible celebrity.
    Glory hunters play because they want to be remembered as being a part of something great. Maybe they play for the glory of a team, Maybe they play to get a superbowl ring and hall of fame jacket.
    Fortune hunters hate losing because it means the price they charge at memoribelia shows for an autograph goes down and their Jersey sales won't be ask brisk. Glory hounds hate losing because they want to be in the post season. Fortune hunters want a superbowl win because it means more lucrative endorsements. Glory hounds want to win a title so that they can say they were part of a team that won the big one and that it gets them closer to enshrinement in Canton, Ohio.
    Fortune hunters play not to get injured. Glory hounds will put an opponent in the HOSPITAL if it means getting closer to a Lombardi trophy and immortality. Fortune hunters avoid big hits, glory hounds live for them.
    Teams full of glory hounds WIN TITLES! Teams full of fortune hunters vanish into obscurity once they leave the NFL. Ask yourselves this question. What do you want YOUR Houston Texans to be? Kubiack, you're a heck of an offensive co-ordinator, but a mediocre head coach. Your reign has ended. Step aside sir.

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