Forney lashes out at ex-coach's rules

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    Falcons guard Kynan Forney was critical of former offensive line coach/consultant Alex Gibbs' policy of making the offensive linemen weigh less than 300 pounds. It was a rule that Forney said Thursday resulted in some players drastically cutting weight a night or two before weekly weigh-ins.

    Forney, able to speak to the media after three years of having just one position spokesman per week, said that the prolonged process might have prompted some players to physically wear down as the season progressed.

    "Everybody's glad that you don't have to be sitting around and stressing about starving yourself all week to make some weigh-in on Friday morning because somebody likes the way it looks on paper," said Forney, who did not disclose his weight but said he typically played between 305-308 under former Falcons coach Dan Reeves and was below 300 pounds under Gibbs and head coach Jim Mora. "They would tell you that you have to weigh 295 so you'd be sitting up Wednesday and Thursday night starving sometimes.
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    Here's a tip: watch your diet.

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