Former Vick backup Schaub focused on Texans

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Texan Asylum, Aug 4, 2007.

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    I am ready for the preseason/season to start! Can't wait to see this team in action! :fans:

    By KRISTIE RIEKEN, AP Sports Writer
    August 4, 2007

    HOUSTON (AP) -- Matt Schaub doesn't deal in conjecture and supposition. Thinking about how things would be if he were still in Atlanta is an exercise in futility. Besides, the quarterback has got more important things to focus on.

    The former backup behind Michael Vick in Atlanta has his first starting job in Houston for a team that has never had a winning record, but has had plenty of protection problems. Oh, and the Texans' first and only other starter, one-time No. 1 pick David Carr, was run out of town after five disappointing seasons.

    "No what ifs," Schaub said. "There's a reason for everything and I'm just glad to be here."...(cont)
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    From the article

    Because we all know that this line, in it's exact same composition has played here for 5 seasons. If I'm not mistaken Char-ron Doresey, DeMingo Graham, Jimmy Herndon, Chad Overhauser, Ryan Schau, and Cameron Spikes are no longer playing here. We had 43 sacks last season. Not great but not exactly end of the world either.

    I want something to change soon. I'm so sick of the same things appearing over and over again. The same points being made all the time. I am desperate to read a story about the Texans by a writer for any national publication that doesn't include the words "Vince" or "Reggie" or "sack" in it.

    That will only happen if football starts and the Texans give them something else to write about.
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    Houston. Mediocrity Lives Here!!
    God forbid that would ever happen. What would the poor writers do, if they couldn't use their stock article filler??
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    It will. I think part of the line problem was Carr's slow reads and tendency to run himself into trouble, along with his slow release. I think Schaub will have a quick release and reduce the amount of sacks.The NFL tends to be focused. FOr years they talked about the ineptitude of the Browns and Cards. The browns became the Ravens won a superbowl and suddenly they are not inept. Arizona now is a "team on the rise" for many people. Good players make good teams. I think we are on the upswing and soon the rest of the league will take notice.

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