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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by 281, Mar 24, 2007.

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    before anything, carr was never truly a "leader"... he never really had the trust of the majority of his teammates, although he definitely had the respect of some due to his easygoing demeanor... he is rumored not to have the greatest work ethic... he is seen as a "loner"... despite this, he seems to be a good person off the field, as he is a law-abiding, church-going family man... he seems genuinely nice and plays with fire, but tends to be complacent about on to his physical game, his deep ball is horrible... he has the arm to take it the distance, but the ball almost always sails. the majority of his passes deep were long-bomb, "hail mary" type to johnson, most of which missed. when given the appropriate time (which he mad more of this season), he fails to go through his progressions and checks it down to his running back for little to no yards, which inflates his completion ratings. he'll miss wide open receivers and TE's underneath far too often... when he does test the field, he can throw some pretty accurate midrange strikes, but they come around maybe once or twice a whole game... if they arent shovel passes/swing passes, he tends to throw the ball way too hard, resulting in inaccuracy/dropped passes... he is guilty of locking on to his primary receiver almost every time he passes... and sometimes he'll stay locked on to that receiver for drives at a time, leading to interceptions... basically, he's just not good at reading NFL defenses, especially the Cover-2...he's awful under any type of pressure... granted, he did get pressured a LOT in his first four years, but had no excuse with fewer pressures in 2006... he tends to dance outside instead of staying in the pocket, which gets him killed by blitzers... he does run pretty well for a qb, he's broken a couple for 30, and he's tough for sure... he's very mobile and is able to throw somewhat decently on the run, but he'll never give you any consistency... he has a lot of heart, but just not the brains. we did a horrible job of managing him while he was here under capers/casserly, and his "happy feet" just never went away, despite lots of coaching under kubiak. he's a great athlete, but just not that football smart, although he is pretty durable. even with a better team around him, I don't see him breaking most of his bad habits. i see him being a trent dilfer like qb stats-wise for the long term... without the superbowl ring. i don't see a pro bowl in his future, either.

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