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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by cuppacoffee, Nov 25, 2005.

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    I was visiting my favorite ND message board and came across this post, it does make sense if you think about it.

    "Texas has earned the right to have a game like this, hell sc has had these types of games all season, but sc fans will tell you its there toughness and determination, but Texas has an off day and now its "they won't hang with sc" and "overrated", cmon guys its not that linear. I think I'll go lurk on the sc board to read all this crap on how they will definetly be able to hang 50 on Texas after what they saw today, but a Wac team hangs 42 on them even though they won the tunover battle 5-1 and had a legendary performance by bush yet they only hang on to an 8 point victory, I guess its there toughness and determination, anyways"

    Irish fans consider sc one of their largest rivals and take an interest in sc's games. Unlike the poster though, I don't visit rival teams MB's as I dont really dislike other universities or their teams.
    Just some of their fans....:)

    cac: :coffee:
  2. Wolf

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    My feeling is yes Texas had a tough game but a game like Texas-Texas A&M .. stats don't mean a thing coming into a game like that ..Rivalries are what makes sports great at times.. no matter how good one team is or how bad another..somehow a rivalry brings the best out of an underdog team..that is what makes a rivalry.
  3. Texans Horror

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    I agree with you completely, and posted something similar on one of the other threads. That's what makes rivalry great. I still think the difference between UT/USC is the outstanding UT defense and lukewarm USC defense. But hopefully we'll see in the Rose bowl.
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    Yea the aggies gave them a good fight and i was very pleased to see what the future of the Aggies is but i don't think that says anything about Texas. They have had one close game this season (Ohio St.). You have to remember these Aggies that are graduating have never beating UT, they also needed a win to make a bowl game. They had a lot of insentive to play all out. They play horribly against the Aggies who were playing better than they have all season and still won by 11. I hate to say it but Texas is STOUT. I dont see SC hanging with them, UT is top 10 in offense and defense and although SC has a great offense their defense is mediocre at best.

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