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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by MD301, Oct 26, 2004.

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    Hey all,

    There's a new 2005 football simulation league where you can build your own football dynasty. The introduction is here and the leagues uses the PC game Madden 2005.

    The league starts off with you drafting all the NFL players against 31 other real life players, building your team from scratch. You have to draft a complete NFL team, consisting of qb's/rb's/fb's/wr's/oline/dline/etc., including bench players like in real life. For example, in round 1 you could take Randy Moss and he'd be 1 of your 2 starting WR. In round 2 you could take an offensive lineman, such as Ruben Brown. The draft is 47 rounds long, and it's tough but fun to fill your team.

    From that point, the league goes through pre-season and then the regular season, where you play a real 16 game schedule against other teams in the league. You set your depth charts and then gameplanning strategies (for instance, you could choose to run 70% of the time opposed to passing 30%). Then, when your gameplans are set the commissioner "simulates" the game on his pc, where your team plays your opponent as if it were a real football league. Ficticious results are then created based on player ratings and what not, giving you the statistics and game results. For instance, here is the results of a game played out between the Raiders and Colts:

    The league basically works just like the real NFL, and you are the General Manager of the team. After the season you have to re-sign your players to new contracts, players retire, you sign free agents, and you draft fictional rookies, and then the next year begins, just like a dynasty. The winner of each Superbowl (every season) recieves a free, engraved trophy for your efforts.

    If you're interested in signing up, just go to and read that page and follow the application link, or email for more information. This is a FREE project, so you do not have to invest anything but time and fun. Thanks for your time.

    Also, this league has nothing to do with the real life NFL and its players. Everything that happens in this league is fake, and has nothing to do with the NFL. It is a video game, in essence. When you choose your team in the application, remember that you are basically just taking their logo, coaches, and stadium. You do not get the teams players because we will be drafting players.
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    Lions Hell
    I signed up , looks cool, building a custon team in madden is my favorite thing to do :headbang:
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    Dude, why do you say the Lions are doomed? They are kicking *** this year.

    They are going to be the team to beat in the NFCN in the next year or three.

    They even have a good chance at the playoffs.


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